Very beautiful and meaningful wedding poems

Here are very good and meaningful wedding poems, invite you to refer to send happy congratulations to the bride and groom, their close friends on their wedding day. Wedding wishes in poetry will definitely be a surprising and meaningful spiritual gift for the bride and groom.

Wedding congratulation poem

Wedding season

The atmosphere this season is so fun!
Alternately see that the wedding is in love!
Tomorrow in the rainy season from the cold
Next year, the children will be full of flocks!
Few more meals until the happy day
(Bride and groom’s name) should be married
Wishing you a warm salty fire!
Silver-headed dragon teeth are still there.
Once upon a time two words became acquainted
We know each other, we love each other
And then two words for life
Now four words for a lifetime together.

Wedding poem – Wedding about


Oh, people’s wedding
Officials of the two families sang happily
Still calling strangers every day
But now the wedding is jubilant and fun.
Vibrant country wedding
Bride and groom walking side by side
People wearing new colorful shirts
Smiling happily before and after.
There are small children singing
Beautiful bride gown shawl
Walk with the groom embankment
They smiled brightly and listened warmly.
How many days have longed for
But now we walk with knitted bracelets
Full of joy
A cheerful smile filled with warmth.
Both sides should be husband and wife
Mr. and Mrs. Nguyet only pink and charming
Today we share the same boat
Talented boys and girls wish to be a couple.

Beautiful wedding congratulation poem

Beautiful wedding congratulation poem


Girl… beautiful and charming girl
Boys… good boys
A wise bird chooses a branch and chooses a branch
A wise girl chooses a good place to send her body to

I also wish the groom and the bride
Live forever together until silver
First gave birth to a boy, after giving birth to a girl
Relatives on both sides satisfied.

Late happiness

Author: Nguyen Dinh Huan

Over thirty years old, I went to the river
My eyes are shining, my cheeks are pink
Happy wedding, beautiful bride
I wish you happiness with your husband.

Happy day, so many friends come
How many months have passed to fulfill my wish
The ship docked, dreaming of happiness
After months of weathering the storm.

Goodbye winter from now on
Even though it’s snowing, it’s still warm
My side already has another half
It was wonderful, immense happiness.

Love and grace

I wish the grandparents
Live long, live healthy, young, not old
The two families share a bond of love
Always keep the original predestined salary.



Author: Tran Bao Kim Thu

Warm, fragrant wine for the sober
Bride and groom this fun
The country road is busy with flower carriages
The street is full of flying firecrackers
Nine waits ten waits for heavy favors
One hundred years of a lifetime of thick dreams
Officials and friends offer their best wishes
Colorful life is still spinning.

Funny wedding poems: Raise a toast


That bait is already on the table
Next to it is overflowing with beer
Come on, let’s open it together
Pour into a glass of ice to celebrate together
Wishing you the best of luck
Wish them both be relatives and fairies
Happiness is always intact
We invite you to raise a glass.

In addition, wedding MCs can also refer to the wedding poems above to make their wedding quotes more lively and fun.


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