Video: Explore inside the world’s largest hydroelectric power station

On November 19, unit 4 of Bach Hac Than hydroelectric power plant went into operation with an installed capacity of up to one million kilowatts.

Unit 4 is the sixth million kilowatt unit of Bach Hac Than Hydroelectric Station, located on the Jinsha River.

This million kilowatt unit currently has the largest capacity in the world, and is also known as “Mount Qomolangma” or “Mount Everest” by the hydroelectric industry in the world. The design of this unit must meet extremely high requirements in terms of accuracy, fabrication, installation and operation. Each of these generating sets is more than 50 meters high and weighs more than 8,000 tons, equivalent to the weight of a destroyer. Its efficiency reaches 99%.

Bach Hac Than Hydropower Station has installed a total of 16 hydro turbine generators, each with a capacity of 1 million kilowatts. All of these units are domestically produced.

When the Bach Hac Than hydropower project came into operation, it officially broke a number of world records. It is also the world’s first seamless monolithic dam.

The 289 meter Bach Hac Than hydroelectric dam, built from more than 8 million cubic meters of concrete, was specially designed by Chinese experts. This material has the ability to prevent thermal cracks that can occur due to changes in temperature and weather conditions.

The construction cost of this hydropower project is about 220 billion yuan, equivalent to 34.07 billion USD. Chinese experts have built this hydroelectric dam completely independently using their own technology.


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