Video: Giant ghost jellyfish, 10m long tentacles hunt at a depth of nearly 1,000 m

The video above captures the scene of a giant ghost jellyfish (Stygiomedusa gigantea) with a mouth arm more than 10m long floating in the sea 975m deep.

The giant jellyfish is one of the largest jellyfish on the planet with a bell-shaped body that can be more than a meter wide, and its tentacles are like ribbons up to 10m long with a purple-red color, which is used to catch and trap prey.

This jellyfish occurs in the deepest seas of all oceans in the world except the Arctic, an area called the twilight zone, where light is barely able to reach. Because their habitat is too deep for the reach of humans and remote-controlled submarines, the number of times this jellyfish is recorded is very rare.

Scientists have only recorded the official appearance of giant jellyfish about 110 times worldwide in about 110 years.

Researchers believe that ghost jellyfish use their mouth arms to catch prey and push food into their mouths.

This giant ghost jellyfish moves by propelling its body through dark water thanks to periodic pulses from its slightly glowing orange head.

Jellyfish are one of the most common creatures in the deep sea. Jellyfish’s bodies are soft and moist, allowing them to survive under extreme pressure. Their food is mollusks.

The giant ghost jellyfish is one of the largest invertebrate carnivores in the deep sea ecosystem. This jellyfish competes with mollusks like squid and even blue whales.


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