Video PadLock - Encrypt and secure videos

Video PadLock – Encrypt and secure videos

Video PadLock is software that allows you to encrypt videos to protect them from unauthorized access. The following article, will guide you how to encrypt and secure Video safely.

With Video PadLock, you can be completely assured of the security level as well as the safety of the file because PadLock’s mechanism is to use 128-bit ARC4 encryption algorithm, one of the most difficult-to-crack encryption algorithms. and the highest level of security for Videos.

Guide to encrypt and secure Video with Video PadLock

Step 1: Download and install Video PadLock on the computer. You can download the latest version of Video PadLock here

Step 2: Open the newly installed program, the program will ask you to enter a password to manage software access, enter a password of your choice, then press OK, got it

– Program interface

Step 3: To lock a video from the program interface, click the red lock icon on the right

Next you navigate to the video container you want to be protected, then press Open

– Here, when selecting a video, the program has established protection for the video without further action.

The program supports a number of other options such as deleting Videos, watching Videos in the toolbar.

Video after being encoded by Video PadLock, here you will not be able to open or view the video

Step 4: To unlock a video by selecting the video then click on the icon right green lock

To change the password Change Password or change the protection mode Encryption Method From the program interface click on the gear icon.

Choose Full Encryption If you want full protection, the default is Partial encryption: Secure each part then click OK, got it To confirm.
In the framework of the above article, we have instructed you on how to encrypt Video, absolutely protect media files with Video PadLock. By doing this, your Video files are securely protected with the ability to prevent other users from viewing your Videos.


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