Video simulating the operation of the AK-47 . rifle

The video above helps us understand the operation of the AK-47 rifle, which is the most popular assault rifle model in the world. Russia alone has produced more than 75 million AK-47s.

In 1947, Mikhain Kalashnikov invented the AK-47 gun. By 1949, this gun was put into mass production. It quickly became the standard rifle model for the Soviet armed forces of that time.

To date, hundreds of different gun styles have been developed from the AK-47.

With a 30-round magazine, 7.62×39mm bullet size, the AK-47 possesses an ability to penetrate almost no rival in the assault rifle segment. The AK-47 can destroy everything from wooden doors and bulletproof glass to bricks and stones.

Even when the AK-47 is changed to a shorter caliber, the 7.62×39mm bullet size still retains its terrible power.

The AK-47 has many different firing modes. In the continuous firing mode, it can reach 600 rounds/minute, the muzzle velocity is 715m/s.

Compared with similar weapons of other countries, AK-47 is much preferred because of its ease of use and can work well in any environment.

AK-47 has a weight of nearly 5kg, is quite heavy and the target is not completely good. These are the two biggest disadvantages of this gun. Therefore, the Soviet Union began the process of upgrading this gun as soon as it entered military service. And in 959, the AK M (modernized) was born.


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