Vietcombank free to transfer money on VCB Digibank

From January 1, 2021, Vietcombank will apply a new expression for transactions at the bank, free of charge for some services performed on VCB Digibank application. Below is detailed information for you about the new fee schedule of Vietcombank money transfer service.

1. Free service maintenance and money transfer fee on VCB Digibank

Vietcombank will completely waive money transfer transactions on the channel on VCB Digibank, free to maintain VCB Digibank service and free management fee for 1 default account registered with VCB Digibank.

  • Default account management fee on VCB Digibank
  • VCB Digibank service maintenance fee
  • Charity money transfer
  • Transfer between customer accounts
  • Transfer to beneficiary at Vietcombank
  • Transfer money to beneficiaries at other banks in Vietnam via SBV
  • Quick transfer 24/7 for beneficiaries at other banks in Vietnam
  • Quick money transfer 24/7 via card on VCB Digibank
  • Transfer money to recipients in cash at Vietcombank
  • Send lucky gifts to beneficiaries at Vietcombank
  • Send lucky gifts to beneficiaries at other banks in Vietnam

2. Service fee adjustment via VCB-SMS [email protected]

Register for VCB-SMS . service [email protected] free.

Service maintenance fee:

  • Under 20 messages 10,000 VND/month/phone number
  • From 20 to less than 50 messages 25,000 VND/month/phone number
  • From 50 to less than 100 messages 50,000 VND/month/phone number
  • From 100 messages or more 70,000 VND/month/phone number

In addition, the bank service fee via VCB-Phone switchboard [email protected] are also free of charge (excluding telecommunications charges paid to carriers in accordance with regulations).

Fee for tracing, adjusting and canceling orders of transactions on VCB Digibank digital banking channels is 30,000 VND/transaction.

Currently, users who register for account packages for individual customers, including VCB Eco, VCB Plus, VCB Pro, VCB Advanced will stop new registrations. If customers have registered and are using these account packages, Vietcombank will continue to provide services, and at the same time apply the policy of free account packages and do not require a minimum balance on the account.


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