View Gif animation on win 7, 8, XP

Currently, the default Windows image viewer does not yet support Gif. Therefore, when downloading this image format to your computer, you will have difficulty opening. However, if you want to see Gif animations on Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows XP without installing any software, you should refer to the article below.

Normally, to view Gif images, you will need to download a dedicated software and install it. If you often work with Gifs, we recommend this method. Conversely, if only occasionally doing Gifs, there is another simpler way. Refer to how to view animated GIFs on Windows 7 8 XP without the need for additional software installed below.

How to view animated GIFs on Windows 7 8 XP

Download the installation Win 8

Step 1: Find any Gif image file available on your computer.

Step 2: Right-click on the Gif image file, then select Open with> Choose default program …

See you gif gif windows

Next, choose Firefox / Chrome / Opera / IE or whatever browser is on your computer.

See you gif through the process only

The Gif image will display as follows.

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So just introduced to you how to view Gif animations on Windows 7 8 XP without the need for additional software. In fact, this is the method used by many netizens, because we rarely work with Gif files but need specialized software. Also if you want to create Gif images, you can refer to the article Top 5 GIF animation software The most efficient we have provided.


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