Viktor DTCL: Tutorial Viktor Chemical Magician

Viktor once attracted attention when he appeared in DTCL season 3.5 with his outstanding damage-making lane skill. By season 5 of DTCL, Viktor is only a champion that supports damage and defense for allied champions, but he is still valuable from the beginning to the end of the game.

Season 6 DTCL we will witness the return of this mage. Although it is a bit faint among generals like Kai’Sa, Jayce, Tahm Kench, Jinx, Galio… and under him there are two quite strong mage carries, Lux and Malzahar. But as a 5 gold champion, Viktor’s skill is not medium.

Not only dealing damage, Viktor’s lines also create a detrimental effect for gamers when reducing and penetrating the opponent’s armor. Quite well counter some DTCL clans with tanker properties such as Guardians and Bodyguards.

For Viktor, he often goes with Chemistry or Mage, and Viktor’s items will be magic damage. That’s something that DTCL gamers know well, but for those who have not experienced Viktor in the team, please check out the instructions below.

Viktor DTCL’s stats, skills and races season 6


viktor dtcl buy 6

Chemistry has good resistance champions like Zac, Warwick and Mundo. Lissandra deals good damage and debuffs in the mid game along with Singed. Twitch holds Urgot’s gear and if he has enough items and goes up to 3 stars, he can do pretty good damage in the early game.

Wizards are mostly damage dealers except Swain who can be a temporary tanker because he can heal from his skills. You should combine other tanker generals with Swain so that the back row has time to deal damage, especially Malzahar.

Since Viktor doesn’t appear until later, you need to make good use of the Mage and Chemistry champions. If you choose to follow the Mage, Malzahar will be the main champion in the middle of the game. And Chemistry can give this task to Twitch along with Lissandra. With Chemistry, Lissandra can hold Viktor’s belongings, and with Mage, anyone can keep Viktor’s stuff.

Skills and personal stats

dtcl season 6

  • Price: 5 gold
  • Health: 850 / 1530 / 2754
  • AD: 50 / 90 / 162
  • DPS: 40 / 72 / 130
  • Attack Range: 4 cells
  • Attack Speed: 0.8
  • Armor: 35
  • Magic Resistance: 35

Skill: Viktor summons multiple death rays across the field, each dealing 300/400/1500 magic damage in its path. It also destroys 25%/33%/100% of shields and reduces armor by 40%/50%/100%, lasting for 6 seconds.

Dress up Viktor DTCL season 6, standard Viktor season 6 DTCL

Of course, as a Mage, Viktor’s items are mostly using Oversized Sticks > Tears > Training Gloves > BF Swords. Any mage can pawn Viktor, and in Chemistry, Lissandra is the most suitable champion.

viktor season 6 dtcl

Viktor DTCL season 6 lineup

Chemical Engineering Mage

wizard viktor lineup

In this squad, next to Viktor will be Lux and Urgot with Malzahar as the main damage dealers. Zac, Mundo and Warwick will be on the tanker team. Vex can provide additional support for tankers that deal extra damage to enemy tank champions. Malzahar will do the main damage in the team until he finds it

Chemical Fighter

wizard viktor lineup

Before Viktor appears, the main damage task can be assigned to Lissandra. Team Chemistry, Twitch will keep Jinx’s belongings. The defense of this squad will be quite crowded with Warwick, Mundo, Zac, Vi and Trundle, so the back row of the squad will have enough time to deal damage.

6 Sorcerers

viktor dtcl season 6 lineup

Viktor’s damage in the above formation is very strong, if there is a Hextech Upgrade 2 Mages that can activate 8 Wizards, the enemy team will die very quickly if there is no control. Tanks are all for Mundo for him to carry out his mission.

Because under Viktor there are two quite strong mages, Malzahar and Lux, so Viktor will often do the task of an auxiliary carry. However, in some cases where you see a lot of Viktor, this is still a late game champion worth trying.


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