Vocabulary shapes and shapes in English

Vocabulary shapes and shapes in English

All the vocabulary words in shapes and shapes in English will be summarized and shared below by Taimienphi.vn. In the process of teaching children to learn vocabulary from shapes, parents should incorporate more illustrations to help children visualize, be receptive and remember better.

Vocabulary shapes and shapes in English

Vocabulary shapes and shapes in English

Vocabulary shapes and shapes in English

In life as well as in mathematics, you probably already know the different shapes and shapes. Have you ever thought of what these shapes are in English? For those who are interested in exploring and associating between subjects, namely Mathematics and English, below, Taimienphi.vn will synthesize vocabulary about common shapes in Mathematics as well as in life for you reference.

Cube vocabulary is common in math

In mathematics, in order to simplify the calculations and apply the available formulas, the figures we see in the problems are usually shapes with specific shapes such as circles, squares, triangles. .. Shapes in mathematics are divided into two categories: planar and spatial.

Flat image

Triangle: Triangle
Triangle isosceles: Isosceles triangle
Equilateral triangle: Equilateral triangle
Right triangle: Right triangle (British America) or Right-angled triangle (British English)
Right-angled triangle: Isosceles right triangle
Quadrilateral: Quadrilateral
Square: Square
Rectangle: Rectangle
Rhombus: Lozenge / Diamond
Parallelogram: Parallelogram
Pentagon: Pentagon
Hexagon: Hexagon
Heptagon (Heptagon): Heptagon
Octagon (octagonal figure): Octagon
Rhino (9-sided shape): Nonagon
Hexagon (10-sided image): Decagon
Polygons (polygons in general): Polygon
Circle: Circle
Ellipse or oval: Ellipse

Space pictures or 3D images: image in three dimensions

Cube: Cube
Cone: Cone
Rectangular Prism: Rectangular Prism
Pyramid: Pyramid
Prismatic: Cylinder
Sphere: Sphere

Vocabulary shapes and shapes in life

In life, the objects and objects we see everyday have extremely rich shapes. In addition to the figures in mathematics, there are also the following figures:

Star shape: Star
Heart shape: Heart
Crescent: Crescent
Arrow: Arrow
Cross: Cross
Mushroom: Mushrooben

Besides the vocabulary of shapes, the English food vocabulary is also extremely rich, you can learn a lot of Vietnamese dishes and compare the vocabulary of English dishes to gain additional knowledge. useful.


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