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Walkers wishes for you, the best lover


In the early days of the military environment, rookie friends may find it difficult to miss home, love, and happy memories with friends. As a good friend and friend, you need to send them good team wishes, a sense of encouragement, and these good wishes will help them have more motivation to perform well on the task. homeland entrusted.

Walking in the army is a sacred task, marking the maturity of character and awareness of each person. Maybe, when you know that you and your lover are about to enlist, you will feel sad because you have to part ways. However, if you think about the future, about the things they can learn and grow up in the military environment, you will probably be relieved soon and want to send them the best wishes.

Here are 16 best team walkers wishes that you can refer to and send to your lover before your enlistment.

Wishing you best life for your lover

The greetings you go to the army, the wishes of your loved ones go to duty or meaning

Walkers wishes for you, the best lover

A. Congratulations on moving, good team

Before your goodbye day, you should consider the following wishes to encourage and encourage them.

1. Wishing you a good journey, study hard, train and serve the country. I will miss you very much.

2. I am very proud of a friend like you. Study well and keep in touch often!

3. Congratulations on the day you are dressed in blue soldier shirt. I would love to hear from you about the people you have met, what you have been through in the military. See you in the near future.

4. Wherever you are, I always think of you. Congratulations on joining the army. Never think you’re lonely.

5. Upon hearing the news of your enlistment, I find my mind chaotic, both happy and sad. Sad because about not being met, going to cafe, dating his best friend. Glad that he will study and train in a good environment, and become a good citizen of the country. Never mind, we will meet on your vacation. I will try to arrange to visit you at the unit next time. Study, work well, buddy.

6. Hi buddy. Every day I miss you and pray to you for your health, perseverance and courage to study, train and grow in the military environment. I am very proud of you.

Good luck walking with you

Wishing you a sincere, moving team

B. Best wishes for your partner

In the first days of enlistment, having to live and study in a collective environment, the rookie soldiers will surely feel sad, lonely, homesick, missing lovers. If you are close friends, you can send them sincere greetings to you, and if you are a lover, you can send them a meaningful, moving military service. help them have more motivation to overcome the upcoming challenge.

1. I’m proud of you. You are my motivation for trying every day. Study, practice well, will you?

2. So my lover is going to enlist in the army and wearing blue army clothes. The days without meeting you, hugging me will make you feel very sad. But don’t worry too much, I’ll take good care of myself. You must also try to stay healthy, study and train well. I wait for your letter.

3. The next time will be difficult days for him. However, the military environment will help him grow and become stronger. Use this opportunity to practice well. We will meet again soon.

4. Time flies so fast, we’ll see you soon. He went to remember to take good care of health, care and exercise. I always wait for news.

5. A thousand wishes for a lover to go to the army cannot express all my love and hope for you. 1.5 years will prove our love. Keep in touch regularly. I really want to hear from you about the experiences and relationships you had in the military environment. I miss and love you very much.

6. Tomorrow is the day on which you start your new assignment. I won’t feel lonely or sad, because my lover is serving the country. Stay there, remember to take care of your health and study well. I am always here waiting for you.

Wishing you a happy lover

Best wishes to your lover for military service

Going to the army is a noble mission, a mission that every young man needs to perform. Hopefully the army wishes for you, the above lover will bring you many interesting suggestions to send to the rookie soldiers on the first day of enlistment. Receiving your meaningful wishes, surely they will have more motivation to overcome the upcoming difficult period.
In addition, to collect more good wishes for family members before enlistment, you should also refer to these congratulations should en enlistment in this article. It will be a meaningful spiritual gift, helping rookies to best fulfill their mission.



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