Warning scam calls from unknown numbers and spam information on social networks

On social networks recently, there have been many warnings about users receiving calls or flashing from foreign numbers such as: +375 (Belarus); +371 (Lativa), +381 (Serbia), +563 (Valparaiso), +370 (Vilnius), +255 (Tanzania)… If the user answers the phone, the recipient’s contact list can be copied in 3 seconds. . Bank and credit card information on the phone was also copied. If you press *#90 or #09* on a mobile phone when receiving the above call, the bad guy can access the sim card and make calls with money in the recipient’s phone account. Therefore, users should not answer or call back, do not press *#90 or #09* on mobile phones when receiving calls from unknown numbers.

Today (January 1, 2021), the Department of Telecommunications (Ministry of Information and Communications) issued a notice saying that the above warnings spread on social networks are incorrect.

In Vietnam, there is not any phone service that the listener has to pay for, even if it is an international call to Vietnam. Information about calling back or pressing *#90 or #09* on a mobile phone will have your contact information copied, bank, credit card or money taken from your phone account is there is no basis because these operations cannot penetrate the user’s phone sim.

Therefore, users should be alert and alert, not abetting bullshit news that confuses others.

If the user receives a scam call from an unknown number, they should notify the carrier via customer care. At that time, the network operator will confirm, if true, it will warn other users.

Beware of strange calls

According to the Department of Telecommunications, scam calls from international phone numbers usually fall into one of two situations.

First, the call flashes for the user to call back in order to generate high far-field charges. At that time, telecommunications charges for calling to satellite phone numbers were very high and they were charged as soon as they rang, averaging 99,000 VND/minute, up to 150,000 VND/minute.

Second, the call is for the purpose of impersonating an employee of electricity, telecommunications, banks, traffic police, etc. to commit fraud. The bad guy will ask the listener to declare the property, then try to scare and appropriate the victim’s property.

How to avoid phone scams

Identify calls, messages from international: Calls, messages from international will display plus sign (+) or 00 at the beginning and the next 2 numbers are not 84 (Vietnam country code) .

If you receive a call from unknown international numbers, you should not call back. Only when you are sure that it is the phone number of a relative abroad will you call back.

For calls pretending to be the police, the procuratorate, the bank or the announcement of a gift from the post office… users should turn off the phone immediately, absolutely do not make any request, whether it is transferring money or providing information personal message. Users can call the phone number of the criminal police department 0692348560 of the Criminal Police Department (C02 – Ministry of Public Security) for settlement.

If you listen, users need to verify the correct information first to avoid being taken advantage of, scams and blackmail.


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