Ways to access Coc Coc Setting, install Coc Coc browser

To tweak the browser, to maximize the working ability of Coc Coc browser, you need to go to Settings, sounds very simple, right? But do you know how to do this quickly? Taimienphi.vn will introduce you 3 ways to Coc Coc Setting to refer in the article below!

TipsUsing Coc Coc – A super fast web browser of Vietnamese people

Coc Coc browser is a popular software in Vietnam with more than 22 million users. It provides lots of useful features for users such as: Spell checker, auto add accents, quick lookup for English words, … However, not all features are really necessary for users, to optimize resources, help the computer work smoother, more smoothly, then tweak the settings in Coc Coc Setting is necessary.

Ways to access Coc Coc Setting, install Coc Coc browser

However, if you are a novice without a lot of experience or first time using the Coc Coc web browser, you will not know how to enter. Coc Coc Setting. Here are 3 simple and most common ways to help you do this fast.

Ways to access Coc Coc Setting, install Coc Coc browser

Method 1: Open Coc Coc Setting from the Settings Menu

This is probably the most popular method of opening Coc Coc setting. Even if you don’t have much free computing skills, you can still do it.

First of all, your Cốc Cốc browser must be ready to work. At this time, please click Menu at the top left of the browser. A menu Tools will appear and you continue to click Settings to go to the window Coc Coc Setting to proceed with the setup.

ways to install coc settings to install coc coc 2

Method 2: Go to Coc Coc Install via quick shortcut

How to enter this Setting section is the fastest and simplest method that Coc Coc provides to users today.

In my new browser versions, Coc Coc has added one Utility bar on the left side of the screen. If you are using this tool, take the icon Setting There is a gear in this bar to open the settings page in your browser.

ways to install coc settings to install coc coc 3

Method 3: Access to the Settings menu of Coc Coc via the address bar

Of all the 3 ways to access the Settings that Taimienphi introduced, this is probably the earliest way to use but so far not many people know.

The way to do this is very simple, open up your browser and type the command: coccoc: // settings Address bar and press Enter. The browser will take you to Settings page of the browser immediately.

ways to install coc settings to install coc 4

Taimienphi.vn has just introduced 3 ways to Coc Coc Setting – install Coc Coc browser settings for your reference. So which way do you feel is the most convenient? Which method do you usually use to enter the item Setting? Tell us in the comments section below! Also, in the process of using, if you see Coc Coc using too much RAM or CPU, please refer to the tutorial fix Coc Coc using too much RAM, CPU here.


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