Ways to fix computer, laptop network error, network loss, internet connection lost

In the process of using the computer, you will sometimes encounter network errors that prevent computers and laptops from accessing the network or unable to access some website addresses. Below Taimienphi.vn will summarize the common network errors so readers can have a timely fix to help work and study uninterrupted offline.

Most of the time Computer error or laptop computer network access is not available Users often choose the way is Call a mechanic to fix the network, however, it will take a lot of time to wait for the network repairman to come, so why not try to fix some network errors by yourself when these common network errors are very easy to fix.


1. Limited Access error, wifi exclamation error

The two main causes of Limited Access errors are due to IP address Your device is duplicated or your network device (modem, router, etc.) has a problem even though you have checked that the network cable and power cord are firmly connected.

Overcome :

– Turn off network equipment for a while and then turn it back on. This will give the device a break and reset the ip system

– Press the key combination Windows + R To open the Run window, then type cmd and enter. On the window Command Prompt Type the following two statements in turn ipconfig / release and ipconfig / renew then enter for each command to reset the new ip range for your computer

Internet connection

In case you have tried the two methods above and still cannot fix the computer with the exclamation network error (Limited Access), please contact your network provider because most likely the network connection to your home has been broken or due to Signal transmission from the service provider (ISP) is not stable.

2. No access to some blocked websites

This error is quite common when your computer can still access some website addresses but cannot access some other addresses such as Facebook, Blog, … or many other foreign sites.

Can not access Facebook

Overcome : Changing DNS will help you improve internet access speed as well as fix this problem. Use Google’s DNS with number range / DNS is the most stable and used by many users. In some cases, such as broken international fiber optic cable, you can use this DNS range to improve connection speed to foreign websites.

3. Can’t access the network, doesn’t display the network icon on Windows

After reinstalling windows or ghost windows you will not see the network icon at the bottom of the system tray and can not connect to the network, computer network error. This is often the case when the computer cannot receive the network driver after installing windows or during the ghost windows error, the decompression of the network driver has a problem.

Overcome : The best way to fix this problem is that you should prepare an original driver set from the manufacturer, you can Download 3DP Chip To check your network driver and download the necessary drivers before proceeding with the installation, ghost again to prevent the network driver from being received.

4. Slow network error or sometimes loss of life

Although you do not have any problems such as exclamation errors, DNS settings, … but in the process of using the computer, sometimes you feel that the network connection is slow or even the network is lost. This problem is mainly due to the firewall system (Firewall) on the anti-virus program causing this network error.

Overcome : Access section Settings of antivirus programs on your computer and deactivate / deactivate Firewall go or you can remove the antivirus program completely with Revo Unistall if possible.

laptop not accessible

5. Lost network connection, the network icon shows an X

In the system tray, your network icon appears a red X that makes it impossible to access the Internet through any browser or software. The main reason is that the connection between your computer and your network device (modem, router, …) has a problem.

Overcome : check the network cables and power cables of the network device to see if it is connected properly then check the signal light on your network device is lit corresponding to the port you plug the LAN cable to charged or not, if the light is not on try connecting to another port.

If the laptop cannot access the wifi network, it is likely because you have not enabled the Wifi function on your computer. On newer laptops, there is often a switch or combined with the Fn key to turn on / off the wifi. You only need to follow the instructions to turn off wifi on Windows to fix the red X network error on the laptop.

No connection

6. Network connection, wifi signal is poor

With each wifi device such as a modem or a router, there is a certain WiFi coverage limit. When you connect to wifi as far as network equipment means the wifi signal as well as the network signal is worse.

Overcome : You can use beer cans as a tip to improve wifi in the house or replace a better quality modem or router device. In case you can not meet the 2 requirements above you can refer 10 tips to help speed up wifi hey.

wifi not accessible

7. Not being able to access the network even though the signals are stable

Suddenly one day you connected to the internet through the browser or any other internet-connected software could not access the internet even though you have carefully checked all the jacks, the signal light is still on full, the network icon is still normal, … then it may be because you accidentally set to a “dead” or non-existent proxy address so that the request sent from your computer cannot reach the destination.

Overcome : To enter Control Panel find to Network and Sharing Center and choose Internet Options

Can't connect to wifi

On the window Internet Properties switch to tab Connections and choose Lan Settings then tick the item Automatically detect settings and deselect Use a proxy server for your LAN then OK. This will help the system automatically use the default proxy on the system to make your network connection work properly.

loi limited access

Above are the Internet errors and how to fix that, Taimienphi has synthesized to help readers have more knowledge and how to quickly overcome when having network problems. In addition to the above errors, you can refer to 9 more ways to increase the wifi signal to achieve high efficiency during the use of wifi network and increase the signal of your home wifi network. Good luck


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