Ways to turn on and open Touchpad on Laptop

Suppose in case the laptop does not have a mouse or mouse is broken while in use. So then you will do how to turn on the Touchpad on a laptop, and are there any ways to open the Touchpad on the Laptop?

Touchpad often used instead keyboard mouse on laptop in case you need to move a lot, or no mouse to use. Today, the Touchpad is integrated on laptops not merely replace the mouse with the task of left and right click, there are many features developed for Touchpad. For example, the Asus laptop line today, if you turn off the Asus Touchpad off using only a mouse, perhaps you have wasted one of the most attractive points of this laptop. When turning on the Touchpad on laptops, there are many support modes, even complex manipulations that must use both the mouse + keyboard to be able to do it.

Going back to the topic of the article, in a few unfortunate circumstances you just might Use Touchpad without a computer mouse. So what do you do to enable Touchpad on your laptop? The following guide will show you the Open Touchpad on Laptop Applies to current popular laptops.

Ways to turn on and open Touchpad on Laptop

Method 1: Use keyboard shortcuts on the Laptop

Most laptops come with a line of keyboard shortcuts that are specific to each vendor and are activated by the “FN “To use this row of keys the user must be in the middle FN key then press the function keys F1, F2, F3, F4 … F12 and that includes the Touchpad. Depending on the type of laptop you are using, the Touchpad button is located in a different location.

The common point of the Touchpad on laptops is that these shortcuts have a Touchpad symbol as a character, in addition we can try Touchpad on the keys with similar symbols without fear of harming the laptop.

For example, on the Asus Laptop the new current line is specified Touchpad F9 key. To turn on, turn off the Touchpad on Asus laptop, press the “FN + F9 “.

ways to start a touchpad on a laptop 2

Method 2: Turn on Touchpad on laptop by drawing spiral lines.

Some special laptops allow users to activate the Touchpad by using the touchpad Draw a spiral line on the Touchpad within 5 seconds . However, this method only applies to some laptops and typically Dell, only on Asus and Acer laptops this way does not work.

ways to start a touchpad on a laptop 3

Method 3: Enable automatic Touchpad on laptop

As mentioned at the beginning of the article Laptop firms focus on developing applications Touchpad and typically Asus Laptops with Asus Start Gesture software specifically for Touchpad. Of course, this Taimienphi.vn requires you to set up right from the start of the installation to ensure the Touchpad works in the absence of a mouse.

Step 1: Very simple, if you fully install the laptop driver and use the Touchpad laptop, then under the Taskbar will have the icon of Touchpad, you can double click to open it.

ways to start a touchpad on a laptop 4

Step 2: Typically, the type of Asus laptop Touchpad that the article refers to, at the Asus Start Gesture software has a function in the Mouse Detection is Disable touchpad when mouse is plugged-in. That is, the system will automatically turn on Touchpad on the laptop when the computer mouse is disconnected or unavailable.

ways to start a touchpad on a laptop 5

Method 4: Use Smartphone as a touchpad

This is a solution to help you use the mouse easier in case you can not open Touchpad on Laptop. Use Intel Remote Keyboard software, a product specific to Windows and compatible with iPhones and Android phones. Readers can download Intel Remote Keyboard right here. If you do not know how to use this software specifically, refer to our tutorial on Intel Remote Keyboard, How to turn your phone into a computer keyboard. Here Intel Remote Keyboard is both a keyboard and a mouse.

With these 4 ways we send to you will help you turn on the Touchpad on a simple laptop, no worries in case there is no mouse to use or disabled the touchpad due to system or software errors. Also on some Lenovo laptop lines often have Touchpad not working, if you are using these laptops, the above error, the article on how to fix Touchpad Lenovo error does not work well to see.


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