Weaver birds join forces to chase away poisonous snakes to protect the nest

Video of the tree snake swinging itself to reach the nest of a young bird but being attacked by a flock of birds occurred inside Ngala private reserve in South Africa.

As soon as they spotted the long green tree snake approaching the nests, the adult weaver birds rushed to peck the snake. The birds make every effort to knock the snake out of the nest to protect the newly hatched chicks, but it’s not easy.

But after many efforts, the adult birds were finally unable to protect their nest, allowing the peacock snake to get its head into the nest, scavenge for food and escape.

As soon as the video of the birds working together to chase away poisonous snakes to protect the nest was shared online, it attracted the attention of netizens. Many people couldn’t help but marvel at the great teamwork of the weaver birds.

Weaver bird is a bird famous for its ability to build nests extremely skillfully. The nest of this bird is very solid, delicate and is located on the branch of acacia tree with many sharp thorns to avoid predators.

Weaver birds are tiny birds with an average body length of only 14cm, but they can build huge nests out of hay that can reach 4m in height and weigh over a ton.

Weaver birds live mainly throughout southern Africa, in shrublands, grasslands, wetlands and semi-desert areas.

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