WEEKDAY function in Excel

WEEKDAY function in Excel

Sometimes you need to know what day is the order of the week for your calculations, the WEEKDAY function in Excel is a calculation function that can help and help you do this. Let’s find out about the WEEKDAY function in Excel through the tips below.

Jaw WEEKDAY is one of the functions in the date and time grouping functions that are commonly used in Excel. The Weekday function returns a positive integer value, and allows you to adjust the option to set the start of the week to either Sunday or Monday, the starting number for the first day of the week can be 0. or 1.

WEEKDAY function in Excel

How to use WEEKDAY in Excel?

1. Description and syntax of use:

This is the function that returns the day of the corresponding day. The return value is an integer between 1 (Sunday) and 7 (Saturday).


WEEKDAY (Serial_Number,[Return_Type])


Serial_number: Date value to determine the date, this is a required parameter.

Return_type: The value specifies the return type, which is an optional parameter with the following values:

+ Return_type = 1 or ignore -> Specify value = 1 (Sunday respectively) until 7 (Saturday).

+ Return_type = 2 -> Specify the value = 1 (corresponding Monday) until 7 (Sunday).

+ Return_type = 3 -> Specify the value = 0 (corresponding Monday) until 6 (Sunday).

+ Return_type = 11 -> Determine the value = 1 (corresponding Monday) until 7 (Sunday).

+ Return_type = 12 -> Determine the value = 1 (corresponding to Tuesday) until 7 (Monday).

+ Return_type = 13 -> Determine the value = 1 (corresponding to Wednesday) until 7 (Tuesday).

+ Return_type = 14 -> Determine the value = 1 (corresponding to Thursday) until 7 (Wednesday).

+ Return_type = 15 -> Determine the value = 1 (corresponding Friday) until 7 (Thursday).

+ Return_type = 16 -> Determine the value = 1 (corresponding Saturday) until 7 (Friday)

+ Return_type = 17 -> Specify value = 1 (Sunday) until 7 (Saturday).


– Excel stores dates as sequential serial numbers to facilitate the calculation process.

– If Serial_Number out of basic range -> function returns error value #VALUE!

– If Return_Type is outside the range defined above -> the function returns the error value #NUM!

2. Example of specific situation:

Suppose you need to find the dates of the following dates in different Return_Type values:

ham weekday in excel 2

Step 1: In the cell to calculate enter the formula: = WEEKDAY (B3, C3)

ham weekday in excel 3

Step 2: Press Enter -> return value is:

ham weekday in excel 4

Step 3: With the same date value but different return_Type return type -> will give different results:

ham weekday in excel 5

If you enter the wrong date data, here enter the month value = 15 -> the function returns the error value #VALUE!

ham weekday in excel 6

If the Return_Type value is outside its range of values ​​-> the function returns an error value #NUM!

ham weekday in excel 7

Above Taimienphi.vn has just introduced and taught you how to use WEEKDAY function in Excel And some very specific examples. Basically you just need to remember the syntax of this function is WEEKDAY (Serial_Number,[Return_Type]), where Serial_number is the date value to determine what is returned and Return_type is the value that determines the return type.

Wish you success and soon remember the formula of Weekday function to serve calculations when working on Excel.

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