Cá voi tích lũy 90.000 BTC trong 25 ngày

Whales accumulate 90,000 BTC in 25 days

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Whales accumulate 90,000 BTC in 25 days

With the new 90,000 BTC, the whale brings the total BTC holdings to 9.11 million, or 48.7% of the total BTC supply.

According to Santiment, wallet addresses containing between 10 and 10,000 BTC recently accumulated another 90,000 BTC. This Bitcoin is worth $367 billion.

Besides, data from Glassnode shows that miners also seem to be accumulating BTC. Weekly outflows from mining addresses fell to a 5-month low, reaching around $1.7 million on June 16.

Additionally, the number of addresses holding less than 1 BTC has doubled since December 2017, representing about 5% of the Bitcoin market cap.

The cumulative action of miners and whales shows that they are expecting prices to move higher.

On June 15, major money movement tracking platform Whale Alert reported about 5,000 BTC worth more than $200 million being moved out of CoinBase to an anonymous wallet. This move shows that a certain whale has successfully bottomed in the recent drop.

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