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What are KOLs? List, quotation of KOL Vietnam


Since VinFast launched the car line, many people believe that VinGroup has used too many KOLs to PR products. So, what are KOLs? List, price quotes of Vietnam KOL like? is a question many people seek for answers. Please refer to the following article of for the most satisfactory answer.

Starting from the day VinFast launched the car that made the whole world admired, especially Vietnamese patriots, but many marketing experts said that VinGroup used too many KOLs to PR products, which distorted information. believe. Startups also flocked to the Internet to find KOLs for their fields, some asked “KOLs for education”, others “KOLs for food”, “Fashion KOLs …”

The following article, will answer you questions What are KOLs and update lists and quotes of Vietnamese KOLs so that you can better understand KOLs as well as capture the Vietnamese KOLs and their prices.

kol is the price list of Vietnamese kolones

List of KOL Vietnam

1. What are KOLs?

Social media has changed the way marketing and advertising for businesses and brands. The use of traditional marketing and advertising media such as print, TV or billboards only reaches a certain level of effectiveness, which is invisible to many businesses and businesses. The brand must use new means to reach its target audiences.

Among the new media that businesses currently use include online and live streaming, via social networks, videos, blog posts and usage. KOL aka Key Opinion Leaders.

KOL, also known as influencer, is defined as someone who influences a wide range of audiences and their shopping behaviors, while also attracting the attention of the audience about the products. certain products and services. In a nutshell, KOL has considerable persuasive target audience.

The idea of ​​using KOL to increase awareness and enhance the relationship between customers and product suppliers, sellers is no longer a new concept.

KOL may be bloggers, or experts in a certain field, or maybe stars, famous people on social networks (such as Instagram or Twitter, Facebook) are well known and influential. and high reliability. Put simply, they are “brand ambassadors” on the social networking community.

Sometimes celebrities on social media with a large number of followers, their influence is greater than the mass media, and more trusted by many users.

That is why many brands and businesses today rely on and select KOL for their product and service marketing strategies. KOL is not only effective in reaching the target audience, but also the level of user confidence in the product is also higher.

When choosing a KOL, one will need to consider factors including the number and quality of followers, commitment and qualification.

A large number of followers means a higher level of interaction and sharing, which will help brands and businesses reach new market segments they have never thought of.

Choosing KOL suitable for products and services is very important for each campaign. So it is important for brands and businesses to choose “the right side to send gold”.

2. List and quotation of KOL Vietnam

As above, KOLs stands for Key Opinion Leader, which means people who have a great influence on the online community. To update the list, quote KOL Vietnam below to know which singers, actors, models … are influential and how much it costs.

What is the price list of Vietnamese kolones 2?

What is a price list of Vietnamese products 3?

List, price KOL Vietnam

Above, we have explained what KOL is as well as updating the list and quotation of KOL Vietnam, but this KOL quotation is only relative, reference in the current time so you should refer to the real Carefully advance to get the right choice to promote your brand, the best and most effective product.
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