What are lame pants on Facebook, TikTok? Is it swearing?

Sometimes you hear or read somewhere the sentences “cripple pants”, “oh my god those lame pants” but you don’t write what lame pants are, are they high-rise pants, low-leg pants or not. So let’s find out more details with Taimienphi.vn in the following article.

lame pants is a very popular term on social networking sites, widely used by many people, especially young people. for curse words. So what exactly is lame on Facebook, TikTok? swearing?

Are lame pants bad?

1. What are lame pants? The origin of this phrase

In fact, the word lame is another way of saying the phrase trom (the local language in the Southwest region). Shorts are known to be dark fabric sewn pants that are most commonly worn by women during the coming days.

However, the word pantyhose turns the sound into lame pants has a completely different meaning. Instead of just the pants that a woman often wears, the word lame is a curse word, often used by people to emphasize the mood and psychology of people. When seeing something inappropriate, the words “cripple pants”, “oh my god the lame pants”, “story of lame pants” will be popped out of many people’s mouths.

2. The reason lameness has a negative connotation

As mentioned above, shorts are used by women when it comes to “red light day”. This is a very sensitive period so it is not meant to be good. Therefore, in spiritual matters, people “coming into the month” are considered not “clean”, so they should not go to pagodas, do worshiping activities, appear in front of the altar of ancestors and gods.

Therefore, lame is used by people with a negative connotation, to deny something, to emphasize the bad. For example, the story of lameness, this house food is like a lame pant… Therefore, depending on the audience listening and reading, usually only the person who is seen as close, the speaker or writer will use it. this word.

Because this word is considered a swear word and has a history associated with a woman’s sensitive period, you should be careful when using this phrase. If used incorrectly, it will make the listener feel disrespected, the relationship between the two can go down.

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3. Lazy pants – Fashion style of young people

In addition to the negative connotation, the swear word that says something bad, lame pants are understood by everyone as high-rise, low-rise pants. And these pants have become the fashion style of some young people today, especially artists, with the aim of creating an eye-catching, unique style that attracts everyone’s attention. Artists who catch the trend of high-rise pants and low-rise pants need to be mentioned such as Ngoc Trinh, Son Tung MTP, Miss H’Hen Niê, Blackpink’s Jennie…

Do you have to go to the hospital?

Famous singers and beauty queens catch the trend of lame pants – high legged pants, low leg pants

However, for some people, this style of high-leg, low-rise pants is extremely ridiculous, not suitable for fine customs.

So, you already know what lame pants are and in what context they are used. Depending on the situation, lame pants will have different meanings. However, in order not to be judged, you should limit the use of this word.

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