What are mobs? Which Mobs are the easiest to tame in Minecraft?

Minecraft mobs are living and moving creatures in the game. Minecraft Mobs include both animals and monsters depending on where they appear and most Mobs in Minecraft are harmless.

Mob in Minecraft are also divided into many different types and you should pay attention to the types of mobs in this article because of the limitation of the article we refer to the easiest types to tame in Minecraft.

With infinite creative possibilities in minecraft, players not only explore but also build, from buildings to pets, there are games that used to spend time creating. the capital of Austria in Minecraft, very feat. And after this article, maybe you can build yourself a farm with many types of mobs.

Harmless mobs

These are harmless and almost impossible to fight mobs like cows, chickens, pigs. If they can be tamed and raised, they will be an abundant source of food for us.

Pig: The type that specializes in providing meat

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Chicken: Type for eggs, meat, feathers.

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Cow: Milk, meat, and traction livestock for growing crops.

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Sheep: Milk, feathers, meat.

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There is also a special type of mob, the Villager, which roams around the villages and trades with the player for various items.

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They are concentrated in areas such as Mega Taiga, Cold Taiga and Biome Fores, areas with dense forests and opposite mountains. This type of mob is quite gentle, they will not do anything to you if you do not touch them. If tamed of this type, it is very intelligent and has the ability to track down enemies.

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Cats in Minecraft are also called Ocelots, they often appear in the Jungle Biome, to be purebred, get close to it slowly (about 10 blocks). It will come close to you and feed it it will follow you.

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This is a type of Mob that helps you move faster and has extremely good candy power if tamed them.

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Artificial mobs

Snowman: this is a mob just for fun or to discourage some other mobs and is made by the player although it also has the ability to attack enemies.

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Iron Man: This is a man-made mob with extremely high combat and protection, and be careful it will attack you if you accidentally touch it, even if you are the creator of it.

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Above is a detailed guide on types of mobs that can be tamed as well as notes about them, hope the article is helpful to you and wish you to discover many interesting things in the game. Also if you want to play online, you can play Minecraft with hamachi Yes, please refer to the article for more information.

And in addition, MineCraft has just updated the latest version 1.10 with ice and fire, the 2 lands are added a lot of things, you can refer to the article. Minecraft upgrade 2 lands of ice and fire Please.

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