What are the E scales in the AOE empire?

Scales E is a specialty of the Empire gaming community, AOE, is a weapon that seems to be very small but very beneficial, thanks to it, the match is decided to win very quickly.

For the Vietnamese gaming community or those who are big fans of the AOE empire strategy game, the term “flake E” is no stranger. Fans of the AOE strategy game must be familiar with the “E” situations of top 1 gamers like chimsedinang, hehe … lightning fast and no less accurate. “E-flakes” caused other gamers to shake their heads.

For those who do not have the AOE: Downloa empire game Empire Game

So, what is scale E?

It is simply a skill in the game, referring to a player’s action build a foundation fast of BE in order to arrest the enemy troops or protect their own homes.


Step 1: Choose a farmer and press Ctrl + 1 or Ctrl + 2 … to establish a religion for it, it is common to choose a cultivator to sprinkle E (You can set it to be most convenient).
Step 2: Then there is a situation where you need to sprinkle the E, you will direct the farmer set up in the previous step and press BE.
Step 3: After pressing, it should press the S key so that the farmer could stand still and not have to move too far.

so what are you in de che aoe 2?

Want to sprinkle E well, fast and accurate. You need to do a lot of work quickly to be effective.

For the masters, they can send several armies at once and flap E to capture the opponent’s army members smoothly. Or flake E to capture and disable the opponent’s troops.

The above article, Taimienphi.vn would like to guide you how to spread E in the AOE empire in the fastest and most effective way. Besides manipulating the scales, the military is also very important, you refer to how Army in the Empire Here, when you take a bow or slash, you can easily master your units. Wish you happy gaming.


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