What day is 11/11? Is it a singles day or a shopping day?

In recent years, November 11 every year is considered a single day by young people, however, many brands, e-commerce sites … also on this day organize “shock price” sales. So What day is 11/11?? The day celibacy or youth shopping festival? Let’s join Quantrimang.com to learn about interesting holidays!

11/11 is Singles’ Day

11/11 is Singles’ Day, a spontaneous holiday of Chinese youth.

Singles’ Day on 11/11 also has many other names such as “Quang Con Day”, “Song Thap Nhat Day”…11/11 is written with 4 dashes, in Arabic represents 4 sticks, alluding to the loneliness and loneliness of single people.

The Origin of Singles’ Day 11/11

There are many stories related to the origin of 11.11 Singles’ Day, however, the most popular origin is the story of 4 college boys living in the dormitory of Nanjing University, when discussing how to Breaking out of the monotony of being single has arisen the idea of ​​​​taking November 11 as a day to celebrate and “honor” singles. At first, this idea only had an impact with some student groups of the university, then gradually spread to other universities and gradually entered the social life. The rise of social media, social media and the number of singles in China has made this festival even more popular.

Chinese youth have fun on 11/11 singles day

On November 11, young Chinese singles will organize entertainment activities, gatherings, eating, drinking, playing, singing… to forget their loneliness.

11/11 Singles Day in different countries

In Vietnam, many couples choose 11/11 as their wedding day with the belief that getting married on this day will bring much happiness and luck to them.

In addition, many young people believe that the number 11:11 also has mystical, spiritual and lucky meanings. They believe it is a sign of good luck, of being on the right track, and of successful personal intentions.

In China, 11/11 is not only Singles’ Day, but also a shopping festival. On this day, brands launch huge sales, attracting a large number of shoppers.

11/11 is still a day

  • November 11 is America’s Veterans Day
  • 11/11 is also the day of the French Armistice
  • 11/11 is Poland’s National Day
  • 11.11 is also Pepero Day – Korean Valentine

11/11 is Asia’s biggest shopping festival

11/11 would not have become Asia’s largest “Shopping Festival” without the hands of billionaire Jack Ma, founder of the million-dollar e-commerce site Alibaba. From the early days of creating the “empire” of Alibaba, billionaire Jack Ma built the idea of ​​​​implementing shopping promotions on holidays. And to carry out this plan, he started on 11/11 – Singles’ Day.

Super sale day 11.11 – Free shipping at META.vn

Starting in 2009, the e-commerce site Alibaba turned November 11 every year into a “Shopping Day” with the slogan “Even without a lover, at least we can go crazy shopping”. However, the target audience of this festival is not only singles but all classes, people who have shopping needs and love shopping. During the day, you can shop not only for yourself, but also as an opportunity to buy gifts for friends, family members, relatives, teachers …

Like the Western Black Friday, on this day, brands can organize big promotions, selling off up to 8-90% of the original price so that customers can freely shop for their favorite items. long time ago. It has created a historic “push” to stimulate commercial demand, skyrocketing retail sales and becoming a global shopping trend followed by many Western brands. During Singles’ Day on November 11, 2018 Alibaba made US retailers jealous when it achieved record sales in just one day of sales, nearly double the sales from Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday in the US in the past year. same year.

Alibaba's impressive sales in "Singles' Day" 2018

Grasping the trend, in recent years, many major e-commerce sites in Vietnam such as Shopee, Tiki, Lazada, Sendo, META… have also organized a series of great value promotions, which can be increased. to 8-90% on Singles Day 11.11. The incentives are not only applicable to popular items such as household appliances, cosmetics, etc., but also intangible services such as tourism, entertainment, and beauty, thus attracting the attention of many floors. Different classes, different ages. The most popular activities on this day are hunting hot deals, hunting sales, participating in mini games, lucky draws…

Super Sale Day 11.11 at META.vn

“Super Sale Day 11.11”, at META.vn this year exploded with a lot of shocking shopping deals.

  • Super discount up to more than 60% on health care products, beauty cosmetics, massage machines,… only on 11/11.
  • Flashsale daily 2 time frames 12h-14h & 20h-22h from 11.11 to 15.11
  • Buy It Get Gifts Program: Extremely attractive gifts when buying on the occasion of 11.11
  • Free Shipping: Special program Comfortable Shopping – No shipping fees for all orders from 250,000 VND at META.vn

Attractive Flash Sale

Also in these 5 golden days, in the time frames 12h-14h & 20h-22h daily, there will be Flash sale program with extremely shocking price:

  • Health and beauty care equipment up to 50% off: Facial washing machine, hair removal machine, electronic thermometer, foot bath, massage machine…
  • Genuine Dishwasher up to 57% off, the price is only from 6,290,000 VND / product
  • Robot vacuum cleaner Up to 2,000,000 VND off: Genuine Medion imports from Germany, only from VND 5,500,000
  • Fryer without oil Deep discount, only from 790,000 VND/product

There are also many other discounted products: coffee machines, tennis rackets, electronic rice cookers, electric grills, exercise bikes,… Check it out right here.

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Through this article, surely, Quantrimang’s readers already know what day 11.11 is. Hopefully with the information we provide, you will have more excitement and do not miss the attractive promotions on Singles’ Day – the biggest shopping festival at the end of 2020. Hope you will buy the products you like and have a happy holiday!


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