What do many similar Pokemon do?

When playing Pokemon GO, there are quite a lot of confused players when they have the same Pokemon, what to do?, What do you do when you own many Pokemon, let’s find out if there are many similar Pokemon do something

Pokemon GO is one of the most sought after games in the world, for those who own devices that can not play Pokemon GO, can choose to play Pokemon on PC, but Taimienphi.vn does not encourage you. Use Pokemon Go on PC when your device has played Pokemon GO.

What do many of the same Pokemon do?

Step 1: At the game interface, click on the ball in the middle PokeBall, then select the item Pokemon.

Step 2: Here is where all the Pokemon that you have caught, we select the unused Pokemon, on the screen will appear information about that Pokemon, we click on the option with the symbol 3 dashes like image below.

Step 3: Here they select the Transfer item, the system will ask you to confirm the OK click.

Step 4: Immediately that Pokemon was transferred and you get back 1 Candy corresponding to that Pokemon. And you keep doing that with the same Pokemon that remain.

So with this way we can remove the same unused Pokemon as well as how to earn suitable Candy to upgrade and evolve your Pokemon, in addition we also have other ways to earn Candy in Pokemon You can refer to the article the way Earn Candy in Pokemon Go To learn more about these ways, in addition, Stardust is also an essential material for conducting Pokemon upgrades, with how to increase Stardust in Pokemon Go, you will be able to earn a lot of this material and use it for Upgrade your “pet” Pokemon.


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