What if you get bitten by a million mosquitoes?

If you are bitten by a few mosquitoes, you will only feel itchy and uncomfortable. But if the number reaches hundreds, thousands and then millions of mosquitoes sucking your blood, what will happen to your body.

There are 3,500 species of mosquitoes on earth and only a few hundred of them feed on human blood. And only female mosquitoes bite and suck the blood of humans and animals because they need to drink it blood before laying eggs.

However, it is true that female mosquitoes prefer to bite men, pregnant women and overweight people more than others. But the object that female mosquitoes like to bite the most are people with blood type O. According to some studies, people with blood type O have twice the risk of being bitten by mosquitoes compared to other blood types.

Mosquitoes’ proboscis are very pointed and thin, so when you get bitten by a mosquito, you probably won’t feel anything. When a mosquito bites, it will suck blood until it is full if not interfered.

An Asian mosquito can suck up about 0.005ml of blood, the amount of blood equivalent to the volume of a mustard seed. At that time, the mosquito bite site will be red and swollen and you will feel itchiness, this is the body’s response to the anticoagulant in the mosquito’s saliva to help them suck as much blood as possible.

If you get a few mosquito bites, you will only feel a little discomfort. But with 90,000 such stings, you will lose nearly half a liter of blood. At that time, you will feel headache, dizziness, nausea.

The average person has about 1.75 square meters of skin. With 9,000 stings, that means every cm2 of skin will have 5 stings.

With 220,000 stings, each cm2 of skin will have 13 stings. At that time, you will lose up to 20% of your blood volume and will fall into hypovolemic shock, have major organ failure because the heart loses the pressure it needs to circulate blood, the body becomes pale and weak. , even falling into a deep coma.

If you get bitten by 1 million mosquitoes, your body will lose 5.5 liters of blood and that will kill you.


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