What is 8K TV?

The introduction of 8K TVs from big electronics businesses like Samsung, LG, … with the application of modern and advanced technology has made the TV market become more exciting than ever. Despite the existence of this product, but not everyone really knows what 8K TV is? What are the advantages of this TV over 4K TV? Let’s find out through the article below.

8K TV series was launched by famous electronics manufacturers and received positive attention from consumers. Many people are using this type 4K TV I thought that I had the best product, but there is still a better quality TV. 8K TV series. Before diving into the advantages of this TV series, readers need to know What is 8K TV?

What is 8K TV?

What is 8K TV?

8K TV is a product equipped with technology Largest screen resolution now – 8K (7680 x 4320 pixels) with sharp, smooth image quality. In particular, the number of pixels of 8K TV series 4 times higher compared to 4K TVs, up to more total 33 million pixels Help bring high-quality images to the smallest detail.

what is 8k television

8K TV sharp images, borrowed but high quality to every detail

What advantages does the 8K TV have?

+) Super sharp display image: Owning more than 33 million pixels, 8K television will bring you Vivid image, true, clear no matter how big the TV size is. The most obvious difference compared to 4K TV is the difference in screen size. 8K television series “crisis” size up to over 88 inches. You will see the images on 8K TV just like real life images thanks Extremely high resolution.

+) High screen display speed: Compatibility with screen resolution is required Frame rate display A high TV will help keep the moving images from being blurred or blurred. Therefore, this type of television manufacturers upgrade the chip for a better frame rate of 120fps (120 fps).

+) Color, brightness: The plus point for this TV line is color, Wide viewing angle extremely impressive. Compared to conventional TVs, the 8K TV has a wider viewing angle of about 20%, so every image comes alive, colors are eye-catching and realistic, so viewers are always comfortable.

+) Investment in advanced and modern technology: Some smart features of the 8K television series are also focused on upgrading thanks to the application Artificial intelligence technology AI. Using the TV will become more convenient and simpler when it can adjust the color, resolution, lighting of low quality videos, thereby helping to give users a new experience.

8K TVs appear on the market today

8K TVs have now been launched by 3 big brands, LG, Samsung and Sharp.


LG OLED 88Z9 8K TV: This is a product with large screen size up to 88 inches and 8K resolution.

what is 8k television 2

LG OLED 88Z9 8K large size high-resolution TVs


+) Sharp 8K LV-85001 TV: 8K resolution, 85 inch screen size, equipped IGZO panels Combined with wide viewing angles up to 176 degrees.

+) Smart TV 8K Sharp LC-70XU830X: 70 inches, 8K resolution, perfect picture to every detail.


+) Samsung 8K Q9S TV: This product was launched by Samsung with an 8K screen model, ultra-thin, technology integrated. Artificial intelligence AI.

+) Smart TV QLED Samsung 8K QA98Q900R: 98 inches, modern design, ultra-thin bezel, bringing true, clear images.

+) Smart TV QLED Samsung 8K QA75Q900R: 75 inches, 8K resolution, Quantum HDR technology.

+) Smart TV QLED Samsung 8K QA65Q900R: 65 inches, wide viewing angle, sharp images, …

The article above has helped readers know about What is 8K TV? Thanks to many outstanding advantages, 8K TVs are popular with consumers. Currently, there are many types of 8K TVs launched with advanced and modern technology. So, depending on economic conditions, you will choose for your family the right product. In addition, you refer to the sample 4K TV different.


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