What is a landing page?

In Digital marketing (digital marketing), Landing page is used to refer to an independent website, created specifically for marketing or advertising campaigns. It can convert visitors into potential customers by having them click on an email link or an ad from Google, Bing, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or similar locations on the web.

Landing page often encourage visitors to explore a variety of content. With reviews of sales management software Facebook Codon.vn https://codon.vn to help you understand that the Landing page can be designed with a single goal, called a call to action (CTA).

What is a landing page?

Table of Contents:
1. What is the Landing page ?.
2. How does landing page work?
3. Things to know.
4. How to build a great landing page.

1. What is a landing page?

Landing pages, also known as landing pages, focus on redirecting visitors, thereby increasing their conversion rate to potential customers. Thanks to the landing page, the marketing cost of the business can be significantly reduced, while increasing the chance of having more customers. In addition, you can also use some sales management software such as Yes Single – a useful tool to increase this conversion rate, thereby increasing sales.

A landing page is different from other pages in that it adheres to both of the following criteria:
+ Perfectly designed to allow you to capture visitor information, thereby making appropriate recommendations.
+ As mentioned above, the sole purpose of the landing page is to convert visitors into leads (i.e. the homepage with the form on it is not counted as the landing page because it serves other purposes) .

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2. How does the Landing page work?

+ A specific individual sees the call to action and ends on the landing page with the form.
+ That person fills in the form, from the visitor to the lead.
+ Information from form fields is then stored in the prospect customer database.
+ Businesses build specific marketing campaigns for potential customers based on what you know about them.

What is the landing page?

If you use marketing automation tools like HubSpot or Marketo, you’ll see what potential customers have to offer as they navigate and interact on your site. That information can allow you to target more precisely, choose the most appropriate marketing method to reach out and persuade them.

In case you do marketing on both Facebook fanpage and use supporting software such as Yes, you can also use the feature to automatically retrieve customer information, and manage their interaction history to create data tables. and approach in a more positive way.

3. Things to know before creating a landing page

Before you can dive into building a landing page, you need to do all the basic research needed to combine it effectively.

The buyer’s journey is a research process with three stages: Awareness, consideration and decision. For each stage, you need to create different types of content.

+ Awareness stage: For visitors at this stage, the content of the landing page can focus on tutorials or ebooks, etc.
+ Review stage: During the review stage, a potential customer has clearly identified their problem or need, and they need a method to approach and solve. At this point, the content of your landing page should include comparative information or related videos.
+ Decision stage: In the end, potential customers will compare suppliers and try to narrow down options. The landing page needs to provide them with case studies, demos and product information.

4. How to build a great landing page

Once you have the basic research in place, you can start building your landing page. However, there are some special “recipes” developed by top marketing experts that you can follow to increase conversion rates on your landing page.

+ Create attractive titles: You need to create titles that can attract the attention of visitors immediately and make them want to read on.
+ Communicate effectively about the value of the offers you provide: Many studies show that you will only have about 3-5 seconds before customers decide whether to continue content or leave.
+ Content is presented briefly and clearly through bullet points: To attract readers, you need to avoid writing long paragraphs, instead, summarize the main ideas about the offers, list them. through bullet points.
+ Form building: When creating a form for your landing page, pay attention to the number of form fields. At the customer awareness stage, your form should only contain basic information like name and email. When they reach the deciding stage, you will want them to provide more information to make it easier for salespeople to contact.
+ Delete site navigation: This way, your visitors will not be distracted by other links on the page.
+ Insert images: Images provide visual look, impress the visitors better.
+ Add social network sharing icons: Although all navigation should be removed from the landing page, you still need to include social network sharing icons so people can share the landing page with others in their circles.

To do business effectively, you need to focus on developing an overall marketing strategy, including on websites and social networks. While landing pages are useful for web-based marketing but require more investment, Facebook marketing and sales management is simpler with built-in, useful support tools like Yes Single. With a low cost, Yes Don’s smart system will complete many tasks on your behalf.


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