What is a sandbox? The free Sandbox software for Windows

What is a sandbox? The free Sandbox software for Windows

What is the Sandbox concept? As well as the importance of Sandbox in the user’s computer system, there are many people mistakenly think that Sandbox is like an antivirus software, but not so, we will learn Sandbox more in detail below. .

Is Sanbox a good software with many different tools, functions similar to the current anti-virus software? We will learn more about it.

What is Sanbox and the free Sanbox software for Windows

I. What is a sandbox?

Sandbox is a technology that helps protect computers against malware threats. Sandbox has excellent technology in the field of security. It has the effect of isolating applications, preventing malicious software from attacking computers. New applications today can use the Sandbox running in the background to protect from the risk of bad guys attack.

II. The free Sandbox software for Windows

1. Sanboxie

Sandboxie tool helps support creating a virtual environment environment that allows users to check and control untrusted programs. Along with that is easy access to the Web, browse emails. Sanboxie’s auto-scanning feature scans and sends the necessary data back to the server, then evaluates the reliability to help you use the computer more safely.

Download Sanboxie here: Download Sanboxie

Those who do not know how to create safe environments to test applications with Sandboxie can refer to the article. Sanboxie best support with web browsers, Email. Details of using Sanbox to create a safe environment to test the application help users have a comprehensive view of this tool.

2. Toolwiz Time Freeze

Toolwiz Time Freeze software helps us to freeze the system, protecting the computer from unwanted changes. For Vietnamese users, Toolwiz Time Freeze is too familiar, especially for Internet shops that often have to use Toolwiz Time Freeze to freeze the system. Toolwiz Time Freeze helps create a virtual environment like a copy of a real computer system. So the user has to perform the task, then after restarting the computer is still in the original mode.

Download Toolwiz Time Freeze here: Download Toolwiz Time Freeze

3. BufferZone Pro

Users who want to access the Internet safely cannot miss BufferZone Pro. This is a program that helps us use effective tools to protect the privacy of personal information and privacy when accessing the Internet.

Download BufferZone Pro here: Download BufferZone Pro

Free sandbox software for windows

BufferZone Pro has main features such as: setting up a separate environment to wrap computer resources when performing web surfing, providing tools to hide personal information and internet usage of users to protect protect them from outside intrusions, prevent connection to low-security and malicious websites.

In addition to the security ways for computers with the above software, when users access the Internet, they can also choose to surf the web in incognito mode on Coc Coc to ensure privacy. When you Surf the web in incognito mode on Coc Coc All access history, login account information … are not saved. Users easily exit incognito mode on Coc Coc just by Close the browser.


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