What is Accounting study? What are the job positions?

What is Accounting study? What are the job positions?

What is Accounting study? What are the accounting positions available? is a question many readers are interested in when not clearly oriented in this industry. Understanding this, Taimienphi.vn will answer all questions in the following article.

Not only is it hot over time, it’s easy to apply for a job when the demand for accounting is high, but there are now many positions in the company for accounting, so many readers have chosen accounting to study, and they are also worried. to settle learn Accounting to do, what are the job positions?

Accounting school easy to apply for a job?

I. Studying accounting block, which school is easy to get a job?

According to the share of recruitment page https://goodcv.vn , Accounting is accepted by universities and colleges in many different divisions such as:

– Block A00: Math, Physics, Chemistry
– Block A01: Math, Physics, English
– Block A02: Math, Physics, Biology
– Block C01: Math, Physics, Literature

Depending on the school that will consider the admission of different grades and benchmarks, you should consider the enrollment block, the benchmark of the school you are intending to take the exam to have an appropriate review plan.

Top of the best Accounting training schools today include:

– North: Foreign Trade University, Finance Academy, Banking Academy, National Economics University, Trade University, Trade Union University …
– The South: Foreign Trade University, Ho Chi Minh City University of Economics, Ho Chi Minh City Banking University, University of Finance and Marketing, Ho Chi Minh City University of Industry …
– Central Region: University of Economics and Business (University of Danang), University of Economics (University of Hue), College of Economics of Nghe An, University of Nha Trang …

II. What is Accounting study? Employment position of Accountant

By law, businesses with 10 or more people must have an Accountant. Therefore, accounting is considered as an integral part of enterprises, companies and state agencies. Therefore, the employment opportunities of students studying Accounting are very diverse and broad.

what do you do to know what to do 2

Accounting school is good?

1. Working position of the accounting industry

Also according to GoodCV, accounting students have many different jobs, a variety of options, and can work in positions such as:

* Corporate accounting

This position is the employer most often compared to other Accountants, working in the business organization. Depending on the capacity and experience, you can apply for the following positions:

– Tax accounting, financial accounting: The job to do this position is to update the operational data, prepare tax reports, and submit financial statements.
– Management Accounting: The job of this position is to provide, analyze business activities, cost of products / services, maintain the operational evaluation system, make budget estimates.

* Public sector accounting

Public sector accountants often work in mass organizations, hospitals, schools … with the job of managing budgets, funding, providing hospital fees. Public sector accounting is divided into 2 smaller positions:

– Accounting of public administrative units
– Accounting for schools and hospitals

* Accounting for banks and financial institutions

This position often works in banks, commerce, performing transactions related to banks and financial institutions.

* Accounting lecturer: Working in Universities, Colleges.
* Economic inspectorate: Working in a state organization.

2. Where to study Accounting when you graduate?

Students who major in Accounting have full competence and elements required by the Accounting major can work at:

– Foreign-invested enterprises, insurance companies, commercial banks and foreign invested companies
– Public unit: administrative agencies, hospitals, schools.
– Lecturers in universities, colleges and training centers of economics.
– State agencies: Statistics, tax department …

Above, we have answered how to study Accounting, what are the job positions? You refer, seize the opportunity and plan to study to be able to achieve good results, later easily apply for a job, high promotion opportunities. Do not forget to refer to the article good school accounting easily apply for a job here to make the best choices.


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