what is an virtual machine? The effect of virtual machines on the computer?

what is an virtual machine? The effect of virtual machines on the computer?

The use of virtual machines is essential for people, companies doing programming, information technology, features of virtual machines such as virus checking, increasing server security, software testing.

Virtual machine – virtual machine – is software that runs on an operating system that allows it build different computer environments through building available virtual hardware systems and installing guest operating systems on it. These operating systems will operate as a separate physical system, using real computer resources and operating completely separate from the real computer system.

what is an virtual machine? What are the effects?

Because of this, virtual machines are often used to build many different environments for the purpose of software testing, running software on appropriate platforms that the real machine cannot do, testing new operating systems. launch or check for viruses … These testing actions, if done directly on the real machine, will cause various errors that can damage both hardware and software, however, with virtual machine, you just reset status, the computer will return to its original state.

Some effects of virtual machines

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Software testing, operating system

Due to the virtualization nature of virtual machines, so you can install a lot of software or operating system in parallel at the same time on the computer, as long as the hardware system meets the needs. You can install multiple versions of the operating system on the same computer, install a trial software on different operating system environments to find errors or use software that requires older systems such as Windows XP or other platforms like MAC OS X, Linux

After using, with just a few steps, you can restore the virtual machine to its original state, thereby avoiding affecting the real computer system.

Increase server security

For system administrators, the virtual machine is used to manage the server, each server is put into a separate virtual machine to ensure the isolation during operation. This isolation will prevent the system from facing security risks as well as errors arising when running on real machines. Examples are hardware conflicts or virus infections

Check for viruses

This is also one of the very important functions of a virtual machine. For those working in the field of security, they often have to approach and handle new virus samples. Handling viruses on your computer is extremely dangerous because not all computers are optimally protected, virus-related phenomena can directly affect the operation of the computer. Therefore, the virus samples to be analyzed will be put into a virtual machine running in an isolated environment to check for viruses, to avoid affecting the real machine system.

Some common virtual machines


VirtualBox is the most popular free virtual machine in the world with full functionality of a complete virtual machine system, VirtualBox allows users to create different operating systems, different virtual hardware systems with just one Step numbers with an intuitive and easy to use interface. The most special thing about VirtualBox is that it does not take up too much resources on the real computer, it is provided completely free with full functions.

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VMWare Player VMWare is a very popular virtual machine program on both Windows and Linux, VMWare provides all the basic to advanced features that a virtual machine needs, suitable for advanced users who require more than 1 virtual machine program VMWare Player is a free version of VMWare Station, so VMWare will not have many of the same features as VirtualBox.

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Above is some information about virtual machines and virtual machine applications for users, hopefully through this article, you can apply the technologies that virtual machines bring to good service for the public. your job, you can too Create virtual machine on USB With VirutalBox with a few simple steps to be able to use more convenient.

Virtual machines are tools that are used a lot by people who work in information technology and programming. Virtual machines have many functions, a common tool for testing software along with creating different computer environments, above, Taimienphi has introduced to you some concepts about virtual machines and how to use them. how to use reasonably.


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