What is anchor text? How to use effectively

Anchor Text, Anchor Text density is an important part of onpage SEO and directly affects Google search rankings. If you do not know what is Anchor text? How to use Anchor text, the article sharing an overview of information about Anchor text below of Taimienphi.vn will be very helpful for you.

There have been a lot of changes on the internet in the past few years. Most businesses promote their business via the Internet, through websites. Because of this, search engine optimization activities (SEO) has gained a lot of attention and invested resources. In onpage SEO, Anchor text, Anchor text density plays an important role.

Learn concepts, how to use anchor text in SEO.

What is anchor text? Classify and use effective Anchor text

1. What is anchor text?

Anchor Text is the highlighted, highlighted text that appears as a hyperlink. After clicking, the reader will be taken to the next web page with relevant information.

You can easily identify Anchor text with blue text or underlines on the website.

anchor text is how to use the text through 2

What is anchor text and how to distinguish anchor text from regular text

How to create anchor text: You identify the keywords to insert links, bold keywords and insert links on that keyword.

What is anchor text

Example of creating anchor text in HTML code: Taimienphi.vn

2. The role of Anchor Text in SEO

2.1. Anchor Text helps improve website rankings

When the article is heavily keyword-optimized and optimized, it has the ability to reach more readers. Before that, right from the presentation content, you need to pay attention to choosing the right keywords.

Many website content editors even try to incorporate relevant articles into their work using Anchor Text. This option helps provide more useful information for users, and is often appreciated by search engines.

2.2. Anchor Text helps the article contain more information, reducing bounce rate

Inserting another link in a blog post using Anchor Text makes the whole content more informative. Existing users not only find out what they are interested in through an article, but also search for more information. So having more links to other content will give them a variety of useful options.

using anchor text

Using anchor texts helps link articles together, increases readability, and improves click rates on blogs.

2.3. Anchor text helps searchers better understand the content of the article

However, it is a fact that attaching Anchor Text in SEO and internal links can make matters more complicated because readers can not access the information in sync with each other.

Therefore, to use these tips, you need to be careful and creative. If Anchor Text works, your entire SEO process will be better. Search engines will better understand the blog, thereby accurately assessing the content it provides, as well as displaying your page in the first page of search results.

All of these are really important when one wants to make their site more prominent and creative. But the question is how to effectively insert and arrange Anchor Text in accordance with the content of the article.

3. How to use Anchor Text effectively

Using effective anchor text in SEO is not easy. Depending on the field, the keyword competition that SEOs will choose to use Anchor text with appropriate density.

Planning to use Anchor text, calculate the ratio of Anchor text on website will be much simpler with the Anchor Text Over Optimization Tool

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3.1. Ensure the right content is delivered

Before inserting an Anchor Text, you need to make sure it is short, but conveys the right content. Any reader will feel uncomfortable if they often have to use the dictionary to understand the information. The best way is to choose creative, understandable Anchor Text that is directly related to the topic.

anchor text is how to use it through 5

Learn how to use Anchor text most effectively in SEO

3.2. Anchor Text contains the title of the page or domain that will attract more readers

The results of various surveys and traffic data analysis show that people often tend to click on links that contain some information related to the topic they are looking for or even include their name. These sites have good reputation.

Therefore, when inserting Anchor Text, you should pay attention to using links of reliable websites to ensure traffic.

3.3. Make sure an Anchor Text is not repeated frequently

A creative world needs people to constantly innovate, and only quality content helps your website or blog grow.

Creativity is also extremely necessary in creating and using different Anchor Text, even if the main topic of the article is the same, you still need to have new content, find out that Anchor Text has the same topic to link to the post.

Anchor text is an important factor in determining website rankings. The knowledge, how to optimize Anchor text shared in the above article is not immutable and may change with each update of Google algorithms. However, one thing is for sure: understanding the nature and practice of using effective anchor text will help you develop your website and improve rankings on the Google search engine.

To get to the top quickly and sustainably, you need to ensure that the onpage + offpage SEO factors on your website match Google’s website evaluation criteria. Here it is 7 onpage SEO techniques best in 2020 that you need to use to improve search rankings for your website.


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