What is ChromeCast? Connect ChromeCast to the TV

ChromeCast is one of the most commonly used devices today due to its many useful features. In the following article, Taimienphi.vn will help readers answer the ChromeCast question is what? How to connect ChromeCast to TV like?

What is ChromeCast? Connect ChromeCast to the TV

What is ChromeCast?

ChromeCast is known as supported equipment, connecting technology products such as mobile phones, connecting laptops and televisions to transfer images and videos to experience entertainment content on widescreen authentically via Wifi network. Besides, thanks to the projection feature, you can also use the phone on a large screen.

What is chromecast connection with chromecast with tv

In terms of shape, ChromeCast first version has the same design a USB. In the next improved version there circular shape attached to the HDMI cable. The end of the cable can be attached to ChromeCast thanks to a built-in magnet for user convenience when plugged into the rear port of the TV. Besides, the extension of the HDMI cable also helps Wifi connection limited interference and data transmitted with high speed than.

Salient features of ChromeCast

– This device is manufactured and developed by Google, compatible with both operating systems Android and iOS
– All TVs can be used as long as the USB slot is included.
– Stable transmission speed, high quality images thanks to use cloud technology.
– Can connect, broadcast to various TV video files from many different browsers.
– ChromeCast will help you keep track of programs on Facebook Live via big screen instead of on mobile screen simply in the same WiFi network.
– Another outstanding feature is that you can too use Google Slides at PowerPoint for presentations when used with ChromeCast.
– What you see on Android devices will be shown, displayed all on TV without any additional applications.

How to connect ChromeCast to TV?

Step 1: If you want to use ChromeCast then you need to plug in an input HDMI port and the other end plugged in USB port of the TV.

What is chromecast connection with chromecast with tv 2

Step 2: After plugging in ChromeCast into the ports, the screen will display the content that requires setting up “set me up“Next, go to the link google.com/chromecast/setup to download the application to your device.

What is chromecast connection with chromecast with tv 3

Step 3: The way to set up ChromeCast on your computer and phone is the same. So, after downloading, boot up and wait for the application to detect ChromeCast devices. After the scan is complete, press tiếp tục.

What is chromecast connection with chromecast with tv 4

Step 4: The screen will appear a 4-pin pin, check if it matches the code on the computer device. If it matches, then click on it That’s my code.

What is chromecast connection with chromecast with tv 5

Step 5: ChromeCast will also ask you to add other information like WIFI password and the device you want to connect. Then, you click Continue to perform the next operation.

What is chromecast connection with chromecast with tv 6

Step 6: The last step to using ChromeCast is to click Start Using ChromeCast

The above article has helped readers understand What is ChromeCast? and give specific instructions about How to connect ChromeCast to TV How readers can experience the most wonderful facilities. Besides, with the strong technological development, the “giants” in the field of electronics such as LG, Samsung have also launched the most advanced and modern TVs including 8K TVs. 8K television what? This type of television has outstanding features, readers can refer to the article that Taimienphi.vn has shared specifically and in detail.


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