What is clip 9t?  Why are Facebook accounts locked?

What is clip 9t? Why are Facebook accounts locked?

Recently, what is Clip 9t? is getting a lot of attention when the 9t clip is mentioned a lot on Facebook, seen everywhere. Many people feel dark when they ignore this clip and see countless Facebook accounts locked overnight.

After a night of waking up, many people were surprised to see many Fanpage pages posting many disabled Facebook accounts. And under the comment of that post, some people said that their Facebook account was locked because they asked for the link Clip 9t (2k9 clip) and share that clip. This information makes many people wonder what 9t clip is, how can make the account fade quickly. To know what 9t video is, let Taimienphi.vn answer in this article.

Dot wait, please link 2k9 clips, many Facebook accounts are flying colors

1. What is clip 9t?

According to research, the 9t clip (or many people write it as the 2k9 clip) is a clip of a girl and a boy doing adult things. This clip has been posted on social networks, specifically Facebook, making many people surprised. This is a sensitive clip, but some people look forward to it, ask for a link to watch it, and many people even share the clip. This made netizens feel angry, condemning this not-so-good behavior.

2. What are the consequences when sharing the 9t clip link?

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What is clip 9t on facebook?

Due to sharing this extremely sensitive 9t clip, the sharer’s Facebook account violated Facebook’s Community Standards, so the account quickly faded after that, becoming a “Facebook user”. This is one of the reasons why many Facebook accounts have been locked in recent days, so that Facebook can protect children’s human rights, and at the same time purge accounts that frequently share (share depraved, sensitive clips). feel like this).

When locked, Facebook will send to the account the message “We have suspended your account … 30 days left to object to this decision”. Although users have the right to speak up for 30 days, the risk of account lockout is still very high. Unless the appeal is successful, you may be able to get your account back and access it.

Thus, the 9t clip is a wake-up call for parents and for Facebook accounts when they intend to share sensitive clip links. For Facebook to be a truly healthy place to relax, be a civilized person, respect human rights and dignity of each person when on Facebook as well as in daily life.

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