What is Coc Coc Music?

What is Coc Coc Music?

On December 17, 2019, Coc Coc held a press conference in Hanoi with the purpose of announcing the achievements and introducing Coc Coc Music. According to the representative of Coc Coc, Coc Coc Music will be officially launched in 2020 and is a useful entertainment channel for internet users in Vietnam.

Founded in 2010, after 9 years of operation, Coc Coc has owned nearly 24 million users and surpassed Firefox to become the second largest web browser in Vietnam after Google. Currently, the market share of Coc Coc’s web browser is 18% and the search engine market share is 3.5%.

What is Coc Coc Music? Find out information about the press conference summarizing, launching new features of Coc Coc on December 17, 2019 in Hanoi

Coc Coc uses artificial intelligence and Machine Learning to monitor and analyze Internet usage behavior of Vietnamese people, thereby gradually improving user experience and returning results with the most appropriate content. The great success of Coc Coc reading newspapers, the new feature of Coc Coc launched in April 2019 is the most obvious evidence for that.

TipsUse Coc Coc to download videos and music very fast

At the press conference, Mr. Jean – Paul Schmetz shared: “Coc Coc is growing based on three strategic pillars: understanding local users, applying the most advanced technology and building a comprehensive ecosystem. We apply the most advanced technology to deliver superior products and a more complete experience“.

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Images of Mr. Jean – Paul Schmetz, General Director of Coc Coc at the press conference introducing new features of Coc Coc Music

Pursuing the goal of being user-centric, in 2020, besides promoting the growth of active users on computers and developing new and useful features for users, Coc Coc also targets the mobile market. Currently, Coc Coc has 10.2 million installs on 2 major operating systems, iOS and Android. In 2020, Coc Coc sets a target of 30 million downloads on mobile phones.

Through constantly analyzing and understanding the needs and search behaviors of users on the internet, early in 2020, Coc Coc will release 2 new years as Coc Coc Music (serving entertainment needs) and lunar calendar, horoscope calendar (serving brief culture) of Vietnamese users.

In the first phase, Coc Coc Music will only provide a few experimental features for users. Based on user feedback on MXH, email, active users and interest in new features, Coc Coc will continue to research and adjust to improve in the future.

Hopefully, the new features of Coc Coc such as Coc Coc Music, calendar view, football search, advanced movie watching, .., will soon become a useful entertainment channel for users.


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