Content ID is the method YouTube uses to prevent pirated videos. However, in recent times, Content ID has caused a lot of controversy over copyright issues. So, what is Content ID, how does it work? Please read the article below to get the answer.

What is Content ID?

Content ID is a method to automatically find and filter infringing videos on YouTube, and gives producers the right to track infringing videos and even capture all ad revenue of infringing videos. that offense.

This means that when a video is found to be infringing, producers can choose to either block it, remove it, or allow it to continue running but will take all revenue from them.

How does Content ID work?

Content ID is a fingerprint-like security and control system.

After producers upload and register owners of their works to YouTube, the system digitizes and creates a fingerprint-like memo. Of course, this fingerprint is unique, so when YouTube scans all videos (images and audio) and detects another fingerprint that matches it, the system will default to that second fingerprint. is fake. At that time, the system will allow producers to arbitrarily handle the offending video.

However, in reality, it is not easy for a computer system to automatically assess who the copyright belongs to, and it is easy to cause copyright disputes. At that time, Google will have to consider handling.

For details on how to register Content ID, please refer to the article “How to register video copyright on YouTube”.


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