What is DDR3L RAM?

What is DDR3L RAM?

Recently Taimienphi.vn received a lot of questions from readers about what is DDR3L RAM? So in this article Taimienphi.vn will introduce you in detail what is DDR3L RAM?

Before learning What is DDR3L RAM?? Join Taimienphi.vn to learn about what is DDR3 RAM? And should DDR3L and DDR3 RAM be installed together?

1. What is DDR3 RAM?

DDR3 RAM is a high-speed computer RAM that operates at a voltage of 1.5V. DDR3 is inherited and developed based on DDR2 RAM, but faster speed / frequency and bandwidth, operates at lower voltage and generates less heat.

In general, DDR3 RAM speeds range from 1066 MHz to 2133 MHz. Even some DDR3 RAM has faster speed, but the price is much higher and not very popular in the market. In addition, DDR3 RAM is not compatible with special systems that require memory voltage of 1.35V to operate.

2. What is DDR3L RAM?

DDR3L RAM or DDR3-Low Voltage is high-speed computer RAM with the same pins and size as regular DDR3 RAM, only using a lower voltage standard.

This DDR3L can work at both 1.5V and 1.35V, which means it can work at both low and high voltage. In addition, DDR3L RAM is also backward compatible with DDR3, which means we can run DDR3L RAM on systems or motherboards that use or require traditional DDR3 RAM.

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On SoDIMMs, DDR3L is written as PC3L, and traditional DDR3 is PC3 making it easier to identify RAMs. Basically, DDR3L is used in Intel 4th and 5th generation processors and AMD CPU lines.

3. Advantages of DDR3L . RAM

The most outstanding feature of DDR3L RAM compared to traditional DDR3 RAM is that it consumes less power, generates less heat to help mobile devices with compact size not get hot, and improves processor and board support. New owner better.

In addition, DDR3LU RAM (DDR3 Ultra Low Voltage operates at 1.25V, lower than DDR3L RAM.

4. Does installing DDR3L and DDR3 RAM together cause any errors?

Basically DDR3L and DDR3 RAM have the same capacity and pins. However, DDR3L RAM operates at a lower voltage, so mixing DDR3L and DDR3 RAM can cause problems or even damage the device. Therefore, Taimienphi.vn recommends that you do not install DDR3L and DDR3 RAM together.

In case if you need or want to replace laptop RAM, first of all, you need to check what type of RAM your device is using to buy to avoid RAM conflicts, affecting the device, detailing how to do this. RAM test here.

The above article Taimienphi.vn just introduced you to what is DDR3L RAM? Hopefully, after this article, readers will have more knowledge about current types of RAM, upgrade computer RAM to be most effective.


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