What is DxOMark?

If you regularly use the camera or video on your phone, one thing you should consider when evaluating the quality of your device is the DxOMark index. So what exactly is DxOMark? Readers learn with Taimienphi.vn offline!

Currently, although there are many phone companies trying to assert their brand through the camera of the phone, consumers will still need a “third party” to help them assess exactly which smartphone product has best quality. Therefore, DxOMark was established in 2008 and serves as a benchmark to help users scientifically assess the quality of images, lenses and cameras of smartphones. To learn more about DxOMark, please read the article below of Taimienphi.vn offline!

What is DxOMark?

Table of Contents:
1. What is DxOMark ?.
2. Which software got the highest DxOMark ?.

1. What is DxOMark?

DxOMark is an objective and scientific tool for assessing image and video quality for lenses, cameras and mobile devices. This scientific protocol uses industry-class laboratory tools to create the DxOMark index. If the score is high then the image or video quality is good. If the score is low, the camera quality will be considered not good.

What is dxomark

To determine the DxOMark index, your device will be tested for the following:
– Exposure
– Color
– Image texture and noise
– Autofocus
– Stability
– Create fake photos

2. Which software received the highest DxOMark score?

Imint’s Vidhance video stabilization software has been integrated when producing a number of smartphone models. This software has been repeatedly evaluated as having a high DxOMark score. Recently, Imint has partnered with ASUS to bring Vidhance technology to ZenFone 6 which has created great results when the front camera has a total score of 98 and video quality is 93. Vidhance currently holds the highest DxOMark index in the list. section on video stability.

With the information on the article, Taimienphi.vn hope readers will have an overview of the DxOMark index. If you have any questions or questions related to the above content as well How to take beautiful pictures on your phone? , readers please leave your comments below the comment section of the article!


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