What is EQ? expression and how to check emotional index EQ today

According to research, EQ – short for Emotional Quotient English, talks about emotional index or emotional intelligence. Depending on each person, the ability and EQ index are different, so each person’s emotional expression and thinking will be different, the space is the same.

EQ There are also other ways to call it like Emotional intelligence – EI, Emotional Intelligence Quotient – EIQ. For most people, emotional intelligence is more important than intelligence (IQ) to determine their success in life and career, because career success today depends greatly on reading ability. taste the feelings of others and behave accordingly.

What is EQ?

Therefore, each of us needs to improve our emotional intelligence through developing the skills necessary to better understand, empathize and negotiate with others – especially in a globally integrated economy. Otherwise, success will not knock on the door of our life and career.

I. How to check EQ

Currently, two emotional models are widely popular and applied to build EQ tests/tests: Goleman’s Ability EI model and the Personality Emotional Intelligence Model (Emotional Intelligence Model). Trait EI model) by Petrides. Both models have a close relationship with people’s personalities, specifically the Ability EI model.

People with high EQ are self-assessed, know their own strengths and weaknesses and those of others, and have the ability to empathize and understand the emotions of those around them. They always know how to control their emotions, stay calm and optimistic in life, even in difficult circumstances. People with a high EQ naturally have all the qualities necessary to become a great leader, so today’s EQ tests are as important as IQ tests.

There are many EQ tests on offer these days that give you an approximate test result, but there is no such thing as an absolute emotional intelligence test like the IQ test.

II. 5 manifestations of emotional intelligence (EQ)

1. Self-Awareness

The ability to recognize an emotion as it occurs is an important factor in your EQ assessment. Developing self-awareness requires you to be in control of your true emotions. When you assess your own emotions, you can control them. Two important components of self-awareness
Emotion awareness – the ability to recognize one’s own emotions and the effects of those emotions.
Confidence – Certainty about one’s own worth and abilities.

What is EQ compared to?

What does Eq stand for?

2. Self-regulating

It is often difficult to control an emotion when it occurs, but you can regulate the time it occurs by using a variety of methods to reduce negative emotions such as anger or worry. so late. Some of these methods include retelling the situation in a positive way, going for a long walk, meditating or praying.

3. Motivation

Self-motivating to accomplish goals requires clear goals and a positive attitude. Regardless of whether you tend to have a positive or negative attitude, you can still make an effort and practice to think more positively. If you catch a negative emotion as it happens, you will be able to reframe it in a more positive way.

4. Empathy

The ability to recognize the emotions of others is critical to your life and career success. The more subtle you are at discerning the emotions behind other people’s cues, the better you’ll be able to tune in to the signals sent to them.

5. Social skills

Developing good communication skills is an important key to your success. In the world of the Internet, people have quick access to professional knowledge, so interpersonal skills are even more important than business knowledge because you need to understand, empathize and negotiate. negotiate with others in the global economy.

III. How to improve EQ

You may not know, everyone’s EQ can be improved, even if you are an adult. Because emotions are controlled by the nervous system, they can change over time. Therefore, to improve EQ then you can do the following things:
– Practice concentration.
– Mindfulness meditation.
– Learn to listen to everything.
– Learn to be self-aware of everything around.
– Practice defending yourself against negative comments.
– Let’s hone vocabulary to be richer.

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What is EQ?

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