What is Face ID? How does it work on smartphones?

Apple’s Face ID is the new facial recognition technology Apple integrated with the iPhone X in 2017. To learn more about this new and modern technology, please read along with Taimienphi’s article below. VN.

Face ID is the technology that replaces Apple’s Touch ID fingerprint scanning system for the company’s latest iPhones, including the iPhone XS, XS Max and XR, and in the future, we may see this technology in Other iPhone models.

What is Face ID? How to install and operate

Face ID uses a “TrueDepth camera system”, which includes sensors, cameras and dot projectors at the top of the iPhone screen, with the ability to project V-shaped 3D beams to model your face. Every time you look at your phone, the system will perform a secure verification and if it recognizes you, it will allow you to unlock the device and make payments.

Table of Contents:
1. How does Face ID work?
1.1. TrueDepth camera system.
1.2. Neural network.
1.3. Chip A11 / A12 => Chip.
2. How to set up Face ID.
3. Can Face ID be paid?
4. Can Face ID be used with other applications?
5. Is Face ID really safe ?.
6. What to do when someone steals your phone ?.

1. How does Face ID work?

1.1. TrueDepth camera system

When you look at the iPhone X (or higher iPhone models), the TrueDepth camera system will detect your face with the Flood Illuminator, even in the dark.

What is the face id?

The infrared camera will then take a picture and the dot projector will project over 30,000 infrared light points on your face. The system uses infrared images and infrared light points and then pushes them through neural networks to create a mathematical model that encodes your face.

1.2. Neural network

The iPhone X (or older iPhones) will scan your face and check if it matches what you set up and store on your device and, if it does, allows you to unlock your phone. or pay on Apple Pay.

Apple says it has worked with thousands of people around the world and collected a billion images, and with that, it has developed many neural networks to form Face ID technology.

1.3. Chip A11 / A12 => Chip

In order to process all the data needed for Face ID, through device research, Apple had to develop the A11 chip tool. The chip has been upgraded to A12 in iPhone XS, XS Max and XR devices, contributing to further improvements to Face ID technology. In the next line of iPhone will upgrade to A13 chip promises to bring more improvements.

These chips are specialized hardware built on artificial intelligence algorithms. They can handle hundreds of billions of operations per second and have been used for recognition technologies like Face ID.

I understand the face id

2. How to set up Face ID

To set up Face ID, just follow these steps:

Step 1: To enter Setting (Settings)
Step 2: Choose Face ID & Passcode
Step 3: Import password your
Step 4: Click on it Enroll Face (below Face ID)
Step 5: Choose ‘Get Started’ and follow the onscreen instructions
Step 6: Fix your face in the frame
Step 7: Move your head so the device can scan your face

When setting up Face ID, you need to slowly move your head so that Face ID can fully recognize your face. The setup process will perform two scans for Face ID to get to know your face, so if you change your hairstyle, wear sunglasses or grow a beard, Face ID can still adapt and function normally. Face ID will also work both day and night.

3. Can Face ID be used to pay?

In addition to unlocking your phone, Face ID can be used to pay for everything through Apple Pay.

Just double-click the power button on the phone’s edge as usual. Then look at the phone screen to authenticate and after being authenticated, you can use.

4. Can Face ID be used with other applications?

Face ID also works with many third-party apps, including many banking apps and apps like Mint, One Password and E-trade.

5. Is Face ID really safe?

When it launched Face ID, Apple said the company was working hard to make no attempt to fool Face ID. It is known that Apple even works with Hollywood mask and makeup expert to train artificial intelligence for Face ID so that nothing can bypass it.

Your face data is also protected by the protective casing in the chips and all processing is done on the A11 or A12 chips. That means your face data will not be transferred to Apple’s servers.

Face ID also requires you to pay close attention when unlocking, so if you close your eyes or look away, Face ID won’t unlock. According to Apple, the ability of someone who can unlock iPhone X (or higher) with Face ID is one in a million, far superior to Touch ID.

how to operate the face id

6. What to do when someone steals your phone?

In an email answering developer Keith Krimbel’s question about how to handle someone stealing an iPhone X, pointing the screen in their face to unlock it, Apple’s software engineering manager Craig Federighi said there are 2 ways to handle on the spot. If you do not look at the phone, you will not unlock it. Moreover, if you hold the button on both sides of the phone, you can temporarily disable Face ID.

Above Taimienphi.vn has just introduced details for the new Face ID feature on iPhone. If you have any questions or need answers like What is Apple ID, readers please leave your comments in the comment section below the article.


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