What is Facebook Remarketing?

What is Facebook Remarketing?

Facebook is one of the most effective social media marketing channels available today. From large businesses to individual entrepreneurs, they use Facebook Marketing to sell goods and services.

About me, Facebook It also constantly upgrades or launches new features to support business activities, advertising and marketing. Among them, Facebook remarketing is considered to be a popular but highly effective, feature https://codon.vn Read more about this content offline.

What is Facebook Remarketing? How to set up objects

Table of Contents:
I. What is Facebook Remarketing ?.
II. How to create a Facebook remarketing campaign.
1. Navigate to Ad Manager.
2. Set up Custom Objects.
3. Set up Facebook remarketing campaign.
4. Create an ad.

I. What is Facebook Remarketing?

Facebook Remarketing refers to the act of running ads on Facebook, targeting visitors who have previously visited your website.

What does remarketing with facebook mean?

For example, you are managing an e-commerce store. You can get quite a lot of traffic on the site, but the bounce rate is often quite high. You realize you’ve lost a lot of potential customers who have the potential to convert into real customers.

Now, through Facebook’s tracking pixel, you can identify previous website visitors and run ads targeted to them, based on the behavior and interests they have shown on the website. For example, you can offer exclusive discount codes only to customers on Facebook, or some other type of promotion that encourages them to complete a purchase.

The biggest benefits of running a Facebook remarketing campaign are:
+ Your ad is always featured, appearing in Facebook feeds of potential customers.
+ Facebook Remarketing is not affected by ad blockers.
+ Marketers have a lot of useful information through advertising on Facebook because they precisely target potential customers.

Yes Application

In fact, Facebook remarketing is not a negative follow-up action to target potential customers. You simply try to recommend the product / service again to people who have a certain interest in that product / service. If you want successful marketing campaigns, you need to know the right targeting.

II. How to create a Facebook remarketing campaign in 4 easy steps

By tracking site visitors, you can deliver relevant content through a sponsored ad in the news feed on your Facebook page.

Let’s say you’re selling mountain bikes, you can publish a blog post on “Why should you upgrade your mountain bike”, etc. Then, when you re-reach visitors on Facebook, you can present other content or introduce a discount program for ordering mountain bikes right at that ad. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to create a Facebook remarketing campaign:

1. Navigate to the Ads Manager (Ads Manager)

Open Facebook Ad Manager, then choose to add Facebook Pixel to your website.

2. Set up Custom Audience

After you’ve set your Facebook pixel, you can start creating your custom audience.

In the top left corner of Ad Manager, you’ll find a drop down list. Click “Audiences” (Audiences). Here, you select Custom Audiences based on website visits. You can choose any page on the website (i.e. a certain product, consultation form, landing page for goods delivery, etc.).

Facebook remarketing guide

It is important that you focus on the goals you have previously defined in this campaign and the finishing action you want them to take. When you set the URL you want to target and create your audience, Facebook will save this audience group and start attracting page visitors.

This operation can take about 12 – 24 hours, depending on your traffic to the page.

3. Set up Facebook remarketing campaign

At this step, you can start setting up your Facebook remarketing campaign. In the Campaign section, you will be instructed to create an Ad Set, which allows you to customize the audience, location, and budget you want to allocate for this campaign.

From here, you have the option to attach the custom object that you will see appearing in the drop down list.

You can segment this listing further based on several factors including:
+ Geographic location
+ Age
+ Gender
+ Language
+ Hobbies (Everything from job titles to favorite bands).

4. Create an ad

When you have completed the 3 steps above, you will be able to customize the ad to reach the right audience of the previous site. It is best to keep the advertising image simple but impressive, as it will almost naturally appear in the news feed of the target audience.

In addition, you can also test different types of ads with different types of images, titles and descriptions to see what content best suits your audience. Besides, refer Marketing tools on Facebook effective here.


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