What is Google Shopping? Online sales need to know this

If you sell online, you’ve probably heard of the term Google Shopping. To find out what is Google Shopping, read the article What is Google Shopping? Online sales need to know this below of Taimienphi.vn.

The Internet has changed the whole world in the right way. Today we just need to perform a few actions to capture all the information and events happening around the world, as well as online shopping, entertainment, searching information in just a few seconds. The Internet is growing, along with online sellers (or online sellers) who are the most profitable.

If you sell online, you can use Google Shopping to advertise products, attract many of your potential customers, …. So what is Google Shopping? Readers refer to the article What is Google Shopping? Online sales need to know this below of Taimienphi.vn.

1. What is Paid Search Advertising?

Before diving into Google Shopping, let’s first learn what is Paid Search Advertising?

Paid Search Advertising, also known as PPC or Pay-Per-Click, refers to the use of popular marketing tools such as Google ads – Google Ads (or full Google AdWords) to build, manage and optimize. convert your advertising campaigns to attract potential customers.

For example, in Google ads, advertisers can build their own campaign and budget to show ads when users search online. In essence, advertisers bid on keywords or products to advertise their products more often when search queries match their ad targeting criteria.

Advertisers can also configure campaigns based on unique targeting criteria, such as location, demographics, and device.

Bidding follows a CPC or Cost-Per-Click model, in which the cost is specified for a given keyword or product, which is the maximum amount that advertisers are willing to pay for once. User mouse click.

The higher the maximum CPC advertisers set, the higher their chances of advertising their products and keywords. Platforms like Google only charge advertisers when a user clicks on the ad.

The maximum CPC will vary, depending on the industry and the item of the business, such as mortgage companies and law firms paying US $ 50.00 or more for a click on their ad.

Google dominates the search market worldwide, so it’s no wonder that the platform is always at the top of paid search.

2. What is Google Shopping? Online sales need to know this

The type of advertising campaign in Google ads, i.e., Google Shopping is specifically for e-commerce merchants who sell tangible or even multimedia products, or can be downloaded online.

By creating and managing popular pay-per-click or PPC campaigns in both search and social media marketing, e-commerce merchants can leverage Google Shopping to drive traffic. Highly targeted visitors to their store.

This traffic is more cost effective and has a higher probability of purchasing products than traditional ads like Text Ads.

In addition, Google Shopping ads do not run on keywords, but use actual product data from your store to increase visibility when shoppers search on Google.

Instead of bidding on keywords, businesses and advertisers set bids for their own products to increase their display potential when someone uses similar or relevant search queries.

For example, if you’re searching for Nike shoes on Google, product ads that match or are close to that query based on the keywords found in the product title and description.

Over time, Google Shopping is becoming more and more popular. Initially a free-to-play model, called Google Product Base, Froogle, Google Shopping is now considered one of the most powerful marketing channels for e-commerce.

3. Where does Google Shopping ad appear?

Shopping ads can appear in 3 different locations on Google:

– General search.

– Picture.

– Shopping tab.

Shopping ads that appear in general search include specifics like product images, prices, product titles, e-commerce business names, and sometimes promotional messages.

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Shopping ads in image search and the dedicated shopping tab are a little different. In image search, ads usually include images, prices, and vendor names (e-commerce business names).

In the shopping tab, shopping ads act as a comparison tool, allowing users to search for details of products, filter results, and even compare prices between businesses selling the same. product.

So what is in the Google Shopping article? Online sales need to know this on here Taimienphi.vn has just introduced you to what is Google Shopping. Hopefully the above article of Taimienphi.vn has provided you with useful information about this type of Google advertising campaign.

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