What is Google Stadia?

What is Google Stadia?

Google released a brand new streaming game service called Stadia at the Game Developers Conference (GDC) held in San Francisco. The name Stadia comes from the “Stadium” (meaning stadium), which aims to enable users to stream AAA games directly on Google’s servers without the need for computers and equipment. Strongly configured. This means you don’t need to buy expensive handheld game consoles anymore.

In the past, a number of other companies, such as Sony and Nvidia, also launched streaming games, but none succeeded. Google Stadia is the first streaming game service that shows real promise. In this article, Taimienphi.vn will tell you what Google Stadia is and all the information you need to know about this new streaming game service.

Everything you need to know about Google Stadia

1. What is Google Stadia?

As mentioned above, Google Stadia is Google’s new streaming game service, once implemented Google will be able to stream games directly to players. This means that gamers will not need to buy expensive powerful hardware devices to play AAA games. Another advantage of Google Stadia is that it does not require downloading of games. This is a big step forward in Google’s gaming offering. When you like a game, just press the Play button and the game will start launching.

2. Required when running Google Stadia service

Google Stadia doesn’t require expensive hardware equipment, you can play games right on your Pixel smartphone or existing Chromecast Ultra device. If you don’t have a Pixel or Chromecast Ultra device, you can stream the game directly to your computer via Google Chrome. The only requirement is that you need a high speed Internet connection. Up to the present time, Google Stadia only works over a WiFi connection with speeds over 25 MB / sec. Google says it will make Stadia compatible with 5G mobile networks in the future.

3. Google Stadia: Continuity

In an important speech at the GDC conference, one of the key points that Google made was continuity. According to Google, more than 2 billion people around the world play games or like to watch videos about how to play games. However, it is still difficult for game developers to reach this audience due to lack of information or due to the barriers that players need to overcome to play the game, which discourages them.

Google wants to fix this problem, not only allowing users to find the game but also allowing them to access the game immediately without any difficulty. For example, you see a trailer for a new game that you really like and want to play. Previously, you needed to know if the game was supported on your game console, otherwise you had to buy it on the Store and wait for hours to download and install to play.

What is google stadia?

With Google Stadia, players no longer have to do all this. When you watch a game trailer on Youtube, you will see a “Play Now” button. You just need to press this button to instantly stream the game. With a good network connection (over 25MB / s), AAA titles like Assassin’s Creed Odyssey will begin playing and can be played within 5 seconds. Playing games has never been simpler.

What is google stadia 2

But that is not the most outstanding point yet. The most striking is that you can play games not only on computers running the Chrome browser, but also on smartphones, TVs, tablets, Chromebooks and many other supported devices. Not stopping there, you can switch between devices without worrying about losing the game. For example, if you are playing Creed Odyssey on TV but then someone in the house wants to watch movies, then you can continue to play on your phone following the process of playing in progress.

4. Does Google Stadia require separate controls?

What is google stadia 3

In addition to being an online streaming project, Google also launched a separate joystick for Google Stadia. Many people believe that a joystick is required to stream the game, but that is not the case. Google lets you play games with an existing joystick, keyboard, and mouse, and there’s no need to buy a Stadia joystick to play games. The biggest advantage of using the Stadia joystick is the direct connection to the Goole data center via Wifi, thus minimizing latency during gaming.

5. Quality streaming game

Google Stadia promises to deliver quality only found in the most powerful laptops on the market today. Depending on your network speed, the quality of the game stream can be 1080p 60 FPS (frames per second) or 4K HDR 60 FPS. Surprisingly, a streaming game service can reach 60 FPS in 4K HDR quality.

6. Google Stadia: Multiplayer feature

What is google stadia? 4

Google Stadia enhances the experience of multiplayer online games. Whether you want to play sports games like FIFA 19 or Battle Royale games like Apex Legends. Stadia allows players to participate in a multiplayer environment with low latency. Because both the game client and the multiplayer server are hosted on the Google Data Center, the latency is almost zero even when hundreds of people play the game. In addition, Google will also support cross-platform compatibility so that players cannot use cheat tricks or game hacks.

7. Google Stadia: Crowd Play feature

The last major feature in Google Stadia is called “Crowd Play”, targeting YouTube game streamers. If you are a game streamer and want to engage with this community, one of the best ways is to allow viewers to play with you. In a different light, if you love watching game streaming, how great it is to be able to play games with your favorite streamer!

What is google stadia 5

Youtube Stadia will allow both streamers and viewers to play games together. When streaming games, streamers can create a game lounge using Google Stadia, in which their followers can register and wait for the opportunity to play games with them. If done correctly, this feature will be very useful for streamers who want to create a large and cohesive community.

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