What is infrared gas stove? Choose a good company?

Infrared gas stove is increasingly popular and become the choice of many families because of its superior features compared to other types of gas stoves, however, many people still do not really understand the advantages and principles of operation. To work with this type of stove, let Taimienphi.vn find out what infrared gas stove is and how to choose the best kitchen for your family.

1. What is infrared gas stove?

Infrared gas stove is a gas stove using advanced combustion technology combined with liquefied gas to maximize the use of infrared radiation. Using the stove with this technology in cooking is more efficient, safe, clean and cost-effective than gas or electric stoves.

What is infrared gas stove? Choose a good company?

Infrared gas stoves and all infrared cookware operate by using infrared radiation. This type of electromagnetic radiation has a longer wavelength than visible light, so we can’t see it with our eyes. However, we can feel the heat generated, due to the fact that heat is infrared radiation. Infrared energy heating transmits infrared energy from the burner to the pot by electromagnetic waves.

2. Characteristics

Which gas stove is the best choice

Highlights of ha infrared kitchen

Infrared gas stoves use special ingredients to use infrared energy to cook food. The gas burning process takes place directly on the radiant energy panel, which transmits infrared energy, located under the gas burner. This sheet is capable of heating materials up to extremely high temperatures, minimum 1,100 degrees Celsius.

3. Advantages

Because the infrared gas stove operates at a much higher temperature than conventional gas and electric stoves should be achieved higher thermal efficiency many (up to 69%). So, Cooking time is reduced significantly and the long-term costs are also reduced. Infrared gas stove saves power up to 37% compared to regular gas stoves.

Another benefit of infrared gas stoves is that they completely burn off the amount of gas used, resulting in produces less toxic gases like CO (0.002%) and NO (0.0015%). In fact, this type of stove does not produce smoke or soot Do not blacken the cooking pot.

Finally, the infrared gas stove does not create a true flame, so safer much more than other gas stoves.

4. The selection criteria of infrared gas stove

Which gas stove is the best choice

Infrared cookers are the right choice for every family

In fact, no company makes infrared cookers for just one customer. They have many different types of kitchens, meeting the diverse needs of users. Therefore, in addition to brand factors, you should set the selection criteria to suit the specific needs of your family.

Number of stoves: Select cooking stoves based on the number of members of your family. If there are few people in your home, you can buy a single or double kitchen. If the house is large, the number of dishes is large, you can choose more kitchen types.

Size: Select the width that matches where the kitchen is located in the home.

Adjustment button: Mechanical buttons or touch controls

Timer: Some types of cookers have a timer feature to help you cook more comfortably.

Price: Choose a kitchen that suits your family’s income.

Trademark: Selecting reputable brands on genuine warranty, such as Sunhouse, Electrolux, Midea …

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