What is naked URL?

What is naked URL? Learn details of concepts, characteristics, support readers to grasp the necessary information. Along Taimienphi.vn learn about Naked URL if you are still wondering, please follow the article below.

Learn about Naked URLs? Things need to notice

What is naked URL?

Known as the naked link (or bare link), naked URL is a term for a hyperlink that displays the entire URL rather than the text. For example, the naked link of the Taimienphi website is https://taimienphi.vn/, and the traditional link is Taimienphi. Both links lead to the same website, but the naked link displays the entire URL.

What is naked url


For the purpose SEO (search engine optimization), traditional links are often featured above naked URLs due to the majority Search the Internet are based on keywords that describe what the user is looking for, not by the URL.


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