When participating in traffic, sometimes you will see cars with NG number plates with many symbols. So what is NG license plate? Please read the article below to get the answer.

What is NG license plate?

NG license plate is a diplomatic license plate. Specifically:

Clause 7a, Article 25 of Circular 58/2020/TT-BCA stipulates license plates of foreign agencies, organizations and individuals as follows:

Number plate with white background, black number, with a series of red symbols “NG” issued to vehicles of diplomatic missions, consular offices and foreign employees carrying diplomatic identity cards of that agency. For the license plates of the Ambassador and the Consul General, the registration order is number 01 and a red brick is crossed between the digits indicating nationality and the order of registration (plate number 01 is reissued when registering for a license plate). new car).

Benefits of Diplomatic license plates

And according to Clause 2, Section I of Circular 01-TTLN 1998:

Vehicles of diplomatic missions, consular offices, international organizations, individuals with diplomatic status (cars with NG license plates) are entitled to immunity from being searched, requisition, arrest, not subject to handling measures.

Other road vehicles that do not carry NG license plates, depending on the nature and severity of their violations of road traffic laws, may be searched, arrested and handled like similar vehicles in Vietnam. unless there is a separate agreement between Vietnam and the foreign country.

Thus, vehicles bearing the NG plate will enjoy immunity from being searched, requisitioned, arrested, and not subject to handling measures.

In addition to the NG license plate in Vietnam, there are a number of other special license plates, details please refer to the article “Special license plates in Vietnam”.


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