What is nvxdsync? Fix nvxdsync.exe error on the computer

You may have seen the nvxdsync.exe process on Task Manager and wondered what this process is, when you encounter nvxdsync.exe error, it will affect the image quality displayed on your computer, because So, to find out what is Nvxdsync? Fix nvxdsync.exe error, please read the following article.

Nvxdsync.exe is an executable file, part of NVIDIA User Experience Driver Component . The basic function of nvxdsync.exe is to manage and support the rendering of 3D graphics cards.

What is nvxdsync? Fix nvxdsync.exe error

What is Nvxdsync? Fix nvxdsync.exe error

What is Nvxdsync.exe or Nvxdsync?

The nvxdsync.exe file can be found in the directory C: Program Files NVIDIA Corporation Display . If the file is located in this directory, then you can be assured that it is a valid NVIDIA process. If not, it is most likely malware.

On a Windows 8.1 computer, the file size nvxdsync.exe is 1169 KB and consumption 3.8MB RAM. This program is known to consume a lot of memory. If you are facing this problem, you can terminate the process – this does not affect the system.

However, 3D graphics cards require the use of this process to work properly. So if you terminate the process you may have difficulty playing 3D games or using 3D processes.

Nvvsvc.exe was NVIDIA Display Driver Service . This process provides desktop-level support for the NVIDIA Display driver. If you want to disable this service, you will have to run services.msc To open Services Manager, double click on NVIDIA Display Driver Service and set the boot status to Disable .

nvxdsync is a fix for nvxdsync exe 2

What is nvxdsync?

Disabling the NVIDIA Display Driver service will prevent both, ie. nvxdsync.exe and related process nvvsvc.exe, and also stop the NVIDIA Control Panel from showing on the Context menu (right-click menu).

Fix nvxdsync.exe error

The nvxdsync.exe error may occur if: during the execution of 3D files, Windows lags during rendering of frames. You can try applying freeing of your computer resources, such as changing the Windows theme to Basic.

Many websites suggest using Registry Cleaner to fix errors. But the fact that using Registry Cleaner will not help you fix nvxdsync error.

To fix this error, click OK, got it to end the process and then restart your computer.

If you continue to receive the nvxdsync.exe error, you may want to consider reinstalling the NVIDIA driver or updating to the latest Nvidia card in the way Nvidia updated the Taimienphi card introduced.

Above, Taimienphi.vn introduced and explained to readers what Nvxdsync is? Fix nvxdsync.exe error. In case you use a Nvdia video card, you will definitely need to install Nvidia graphics driver and nvxdsync.exe will appear on the system..

In addition, users often encounter nvidia installer cannot continue when using the computer, if you fall into this case, please refer to Fix nvidia installer error cannot continue to know how to fix it.


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