What is open relationship? Why is Open relationship deprecated?

What is an open relationship that is widely discussed and controversial on social networks? Please read the article below to get the answer.

What is open relationship?

Open relationship means open relationship in Vietnamese.

An open relationship is understood as a relationship in which two people have consent to the other’s sexual pursuit or possibly an emotional attachment to another person.

To put it simply, an open relationship is a relationship in which a person, even though he has a lover, a wife or a husband, can still love or have sex with other people.

An example of an open relationship

  1. Thanh and Huyen are a couple who have been in love for 2 years. Before going to study abroad, Thanh actively suggested to his girlfriend that at this stage both can “open relationship” but must use safety measures and not kiss the other’s lips. This is to help both of them easily deal with their own needs.
  2. Lan and Tuan have been married for 15 years and now both feel that they are no longer “salty” with the other in their husband and wife relationship. So Lan took the initiative to ask Tuan to allow him to have an “open relationship”, but I did not. However, Tuan must be vaccinated against sexually transmitted diseases.

Origin of Open relationship

In fact, Open relationship has been around for a long time and has been recognized since the 1970s.

In 2009, Facebook officially launched the Open relationship list, making this keyword searchable and popular.

Open relationship is controversial

There are many conflicting opinions about Open relationship in both Asian countries and also in places where sex is the most open.

Open relationship goes against the element of loyalty in love. In addition, it is also believed to promote a sexually indulgent lifestyle and consequent sexually transmitted diseases.

In addition to Open relationship, Facebook also has relationship statuses such as Rela, Single, In a relation, Engaged, Married…

Hopefully, the above article has helped you get the answer to the question of what is an open relationship, what is an open relationship, and from there come up with your own answer about whether to start an open relationship.


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