What is PAVietNam? How to check the domain name by PA Vietnam

What is PAVietNam? How to check the domain name by PA Vietnam

Many readers wonder what PAVietNam is and how to use it, in the following article Taimienphi will help you answer this question, and guide how to check the domain name by PA Vietnam in the most detail.

In essence, PAVietNam is a familiar name to users who love technology, especially those who often do website management and design.

What is PAVietNam? Check domain names with PA Vietnam

What is PAVietNam?

PAVietNam is one of the leading online storage service providers in Vietnam with the address at: 750 Su Van Hanh (extended) Ward 12, District 10, Ho Chi Minh City. With the history established in 2001, for nearly 20 years of development, from merely providing hosting services, domain names, … now PAVietNam has expanded many different services, supporting customers to build. website and provide smarter, better quality solutions.

The key services that PAVietNam provides to its customers include:
Domain name service: Support registration, transfer, domain name transfer.
Hosting Services: Provides hosting services for websites on multiple WordPress platforms.
Service Sever: Provides cloud computing services, virtual servers, physical servers.
Security service: Supply and install SSL security certificate according to international standards.
Web Design services: Support in designing and building website interface.
In addition, PAVietNam also provides many other services and software solutions such as SEO, Facebook advertising, virtual switchboard, …

The outstanding advantage of PAVietNam is that there are many different product and service packages for users to flexibly choose to suit the budget. As a long-standing supplier in Vietnam, the quality of technical services, as well as the speed of response, is also one of the highly appreciated points in PAVietNam.

How to check the domain name by PA Vietnam

As a provider of domain name registration services, PA Vietnam also supports utility users check domain name. So you can choose your domain name like that in the shortest time. Next, Taimienphi will guide you through specific steps to check domain names with PA Vietnam quickly and effectively.

Step 1: Access to PA Vietnam website at the link address Here.
Step 2: On the Home screen, you Enter keywords is the domain name that you want to register in the toolbar and click Check.
For example, Taimienphi will enter the keyword Tamienphi.

pavietnam is how to check the name of pa pa country 2

Step 3: PA Vietnam will immediately provide relevant search results and domain name suggestions, with specific service prices as illustrated below.

pavietnam is how to check the name of the pa pa country 3

Step 4: To see if the domain name has been used, see the column Domain name should be registered located on the left side of the screen. In particular, the red domain name is already in use, the blue domain name is not owned yet, you can register.

pavietnam is how to check the name of pa pa country 4

When clicking on the domain name, the information screen will display status, registrar, registration date, expiry date, … as shown below.

pavietnam is how to check the name of pa pa country 5

Recently, Taimienphi has helped you answer the question of What is PA Vietnam and how to give specific instructions Check domain names with PA Vietnam Most accurate and effective. If you still have questions want to be answered, please continue to ask questions below the comment section for Taimienphi support offline.


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