What is phone RAM?

What is phone RAM?

If you are a computer user, you are no stranger to the term computer RAM. What about phone RAM? To find out what is phone RAM? Readers also refer to the following article of Taimienphi.vn.

Basically, the way the computer RAM and phone RAM work is quite similar. The following article will betdownload.com will introduce you in detail about what is phone RAM?

1. What is phone RAM?

RAM stands for Random Access Memory, which is temporary storage memory. Computers and phones use RAM to store data that applications are running, along with the CPU and kernel of the operating system because RAM reads and writes data very fast, to see the computer RAM in use, you refer to Examine how check Ram here.

Even a hard drive or USB drive with the fastest read and write speed cannot read and write data “instantly”, and the CPU on the phone is equipped with very little dedicated cache to store data. be used for calculation.

The Snapdragon 835, for example, is equipped with a 2MB cache for high-performance cores and 1MB for low-performance cores. 2MB is just enough to store the current application data, so we need more space to store other applications’ data.

The operating system’s kernel (or kernel) controls everything that happens when using the phone’s hardware. Suppose if a game or application wants to use a new window, the data is created to use RAM access, where the operating system can analyze it, then let the CPU and GPU perform the processing. Reasonable.

Basically, you only need to understand that RAM is a place to store data for a short period of time and data stored on RAM can be written and read very quickly. Data in RAM will be deleted when you turn off the phone. A portion of RAM on the phone is used right after you reopen the phone and does not have any applications, even the operating system can use this RAM. Computer RAM and phone RAM work the same way.

What is phone ram 2?

2. How does the phone use RAM?

RAM on the phone is mainly used to store data of running applications. In simplest terms, the more RAM a phone has, the more apps it can run in the background without slowing down the device. However, the problem is that the phone RAM is used before Android works.

Here’s how your phone uses RAM:

Kernel-space: Android is developed based on the Linux kernel. The kernel is stored as a compressed file, directly extracted into RAM when the device boots up. This memory contains the kernel, driver and kernel module that controls the hardware and stores kernel in and out cache data.

– RAMdisk for virtual files: There are some directories and files in the system tree that are not “real”. It is the virtual file created during boot and contains information such as battery capacity, CPU speed. With Android, the whole / proc directory is one of the places where these virtual files are stored. RAM is reserved for the files and folders.

– Mobile network data: IMEI data and receiver reception settings are stored in NVRAM (Non-Volatile RAM, which is RAM but when turned off, no data loss), but copied to RAM when you turn it on. machine for faster access.

– GPU: The graphics processor on the phone needs RAM to work, it’s called VRAM.

The remaining amount of free RAM is used for applications. Also some manufacturers can tweak this amount of free space according to their wishes, such as adding some specific features and want to make sure it runs well, this setting is called minfree.

All of the above reasons explain why the amount of RAM written on the configuration panel is not the same as the amount of free RAM on the device.

What is phone ram 3?

3. What is the benefit of being equipped with a lot of RAM?

As Taimienphi.vn mentioned above, the phone is equipped with more RAM allowing more applications to run in the background without slowing down the device.

For a regular Android phone, 8G RAM or 10GB is more than necessary. Cheap phones like Pixel, Nexus or Android Go only need about 1.5GB – 2GB of RAM after booting is quite good. For a Galaxy S8 or more high-end smartphones require more RAM for system applications and minfree settings, to handle more workload and heavier.

Besides, the current RAM is not expensive to buy in large quantities. Phone manufacturers can add more RAM on their new phones to give users a better, smoother experience, having to optimize software is both expensive and time-consuming, at the same time to make the phone configuration higher, more competitive.

The article above Taimienphi.vn has just introduced you to phone RAM is what? How phones use RAM. In addition, if you have any questions or questions, you can leave your comments in the comment section below the article.


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