What is proper computer maintenance?

Regular cleaning and maintenance of your computer will help your device operate more durable, more efficient, and many users always wonder how to properly maintain the computer? To keep your device clean and to avoid problems after maintenance, you need to pay attention to the information below.

Job Computer Maintenance is a cyclical thing to do 3-6 months / time. Computer maintenance includes both internal software testing and computer cleaning. Computers are a place to absorb heat and dust, so dusty and even insects are often hiding here. This naturally makes your device unable to generate heat and dirt, resulting in poorly functioning components that could be damaged if not maintained for long periods of time.

What is proper computer maintenance?

To properly maintain your computer, you will need to ensure the following is done.

1. Defragment the hard drive

When operating the computer for a long time, the hard drive will certainly encounter many problems such as fragmented hard drive, bad data, corrupted hard drive’s ability to read / write, etc. Disk Defragment can be performed by using the built-in Disk Defragment function to ensure that your hard drive is always working properly.

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However, you should note that defragmenting the hard drive is only effective when you use the HDD, if you use an SSD, you do not need to do this.

2. Regularly clean the system

Regular cleaning of the system will give your computer more free space to store, which means that no junk software, junk files make your system overloaded. You can refer to the best system cleaning software today is CCleaner to keep your computer always tidy, running smoothly.

3. Note when updating Windows

Although updating Windows will bring you many new features, patches, but not always the new updates will bring stability to your device. It is possible that the new version of Windows will conflict with the system when it is not yet compatible. Therefore, before you update Windows, you need to find out if there is a problem with that update.

4. Note when updating software, firmware, driver

As with operating system updates, while updating some software will improve some of the new features, new and untested versions may cause software conflicts, or worse, create a hole where hackers can exploit and attack your computer. In addition to the anti-virus software, the usual software, firmware, drivers you should pay attention when updating.

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5. Always update your antivirus program

Nowadays, cyber security attacks, virus and malware infections are increasing more and more. Therefore, keeping your antivirus program up-to-date is also a proper way to maintain your computer to ensure that your device is not attacked by malicious code that damages software, steals user information. Besides, trusting and using the best anti-virus software will give your device maximum protection.

6. Check the hardware temperature

A major cause of your computer’s ineffectiveness is the fact that the hardware is overheating, staying at high temperatures for a long time will lead to hardware damage or permanent performance loss. Therefore, to maintain the computer properly, always check the hardware temperature such as CPU temperature, GPU, … with software like Speccy to monitor whether your computer’s temperature is running smoothly. Please.

7. Clean equipment regularly

Regular cleaning to ensure that your device is not dusty, there are foreign objects stuck in the device will help components with operating space and heat. During the cleaning process, at the same time apply CPU thermal paste to keep this important component running at its lowest level.

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Above is the information that answers the question of how to properly maintain your computer so that readers can keep the device working well and persistently without the cost of repairing it. cure. If readers have additional comments to maintain and clean the computer properly, please leave in the comment section below.


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