What is Quick Charge 3.0?

Remember and in late 2015, Qualcomm launched new Quick Charge 3.0 fast charging technology with many improvements. What is Quick Charge 3.0 for? Readers also refer to the following article of Taimienphi.vn.

For people who often use mobile phones to access the Internet, read stories, etc., continuous charging of mobile phones still happens like meals, even while charging and using. However, this can make the device battery more degraded.

That is also why Qualcomm developed and launched Quick Charge. In the following article, Taimienphi.vn will introduce you in detail about Quick Charge 3.0. What is Quick Charge 3.0?

Table of Contents:

1. What is Quick Charge?

2. What is Quick Charge 3.0?

3. What is the difference between Quick Charge 3.0 and 2.0?

1. What is Quick Charge?

True to its name, Quick Charge is a technology that allows charging the device battery at a faster rate to shorten charging time than usual.

In the simplest terms, Quick Charge allows increasing the current flowing into the battery to maximize charging efficiency. The latest Quick Charge-enabled products can charge batteries at higher voltages, allowing more power to be transmitted via the charging cable.

However, both phones and chargers must be compatible with the support current and voltage. Suppose if the phone supports 9V / 2A battery charging, but the charger only supports 1A charging, the charging process will take longer. Similarly, plugging the 2A charger into a phone that supports only up to 0.7A will not make the charging process faster.

Qualcomm’s Quick Charge technology is designed to optimize the ability to transfer energy during the early stages of charging, after the user draws the charger to ensure that the battery is fully charged to meet demand. usually, common, normal.

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2. What is Quick Charge 3.0?

Quick Charge (or QC) 3.0 is Qualcomm’s 3rd generation fast charging technology. Basically Quick Charge 3.0 uses the same technology as Quick Charge 2.0, but charging speed is faster.

In tests using a 2750mAh battery, devices supporting Quick Charge 3.0 charge from 0% to 80% in just 35 minutes, while charging usually reaches 12% within 30 minutes.

Quick Charge 3.0 works using an algorithm Qualcomm calls Intelligent Negotiation for Optimum Voltage (INOV). INOV is a new algorithm that allows devices that support it to determine the amount of energy that is charged at different times to ensure the most efficient power transmission. Support power supply at wider power levels, with each step divided by 200mV, stretching from 3.6V to 20V.

In addition, Quick Charge 3.0 is similarly implemented on previous versions, and all QC 3.0 devices are fully backward compatible with Quick Charge 2.0 and 1.0 devices.

QC 3.0 supports USB Type-A, USB Type-C and micro USB as well as other proprietary connections. Manufacturers can use QC 3.0 on a variety of chargers and devices.

3. What is the difference between Quick Charge 3.0 and 2.0?

– Quick Charge 2.0 only energizes 5V, 9V, 10V and 20V, which means charging is done during power phases.
– Quick Charge 3.0 supports powering at wider power levels, with a split step of 200mV, ranging from 3.6V to 20V.
– The advantage of QC 3.0 fast charging is to provide power at wider power levels, so the charging process is faster.
– Standard fast charging at 5V, so the charging process is slower.

The above article Taimienphi.vn has just introduced you about Quick Charge, what is Quick Charge 3.0? If you have any questions or questions, you can leave your comments in the comments section below. You see more List of devices that support Quick Charge here.


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